July 12, 2010

the canning queen re-post

it is after 10:00 and i'm just sitting down! for 8 straight hours i have been standing in my kitchen making watermelon jelly. i made 11 pints of jelly and started making watermelon rind pickles. ok, that's not entirely true. i did stop to go buy more jars and pectin. unlike the pumpkin, the watermelon was accident free and fairly easy. i guess they are both pretty easy, just time consuming. it really suprises me how quickly i've picked up and not hated the whole canning thing. like i said, it is time consuming, but let's be honest here, not too many people have more time than me-except maybe rich housewives, and they would pay someone to make their jelly. why would rich people make jelly, anyway, they would just buy it. so, i guess i'm the perfect fool for canning. i think i like it, though, because it's nice to know that i made something all by myself, something that not alot of people do. when it's all done, all night, the jars make little popping sounds. it makes me smile everytime i hear one, because it means i've done something right! it may also mean that an angel is getting its wings, but i can't be sure. tomorrow, i'm going to attempt to do something with tomatoes. i've been putting it off, but i don't think i can any longer. besideds, i have to at least attempt something with them to get my husband to shut up about it! i guess i'm going to try do drift off to dreamland where 4 beautiful swedes are singing "you are the canning queen".

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