April 30, 2010

gardening with marker

it's that time of year again, when my husband makes an attempt to plant a garden. usually, he plants it, leaves it and occasionally manages to grow something, but who wants to wade through all those weeds to get to anything? last year, he made the garden a little bigger and i was almost impressed with his ability to grow things. we had zucchini, pumpkins, watermelon, cantaloupe, green beans, cucumbers. it was pretty good. i began to learn how to can, pickle and jam! it was allot of work, but i actually enjoyed doing it.
last year's garden was probably about 1/3 of the size of this year's. my brother-in-law has also seemed to take over the responsibility. my guess is that he got tired of wading through the sea of weeds, home to who knows what, in order to steal our produce. i think it's good for him. i think he might have ADD. the man can not stay in one place for more than 10 minutes. maybe gardening can get him to focus on something a little longer. my 81 year old father-in-law uses the charming phrase "he's like a fart in the wind". i think it is definitely good for me because he seems to be determined/slightly obsessed with having a fantastic garden.

all i have to say is bless him. i am so looking forward to having a fab garden. i think i'll have to expand my small collection of canning supplies and tools, but it will be fun! he came over yesterday to plant some things and the girls helped. they absolutely love being in the garden with uncle marker. my husband does help some, but i'm expecting him to try to take the credit!
watch out, everyone! if you think i was the crazy pickler last year, just wait until this year. i have a feeling no one will ever leave my house without a jar of pickles or jelly!


Here are a few coupon codes that i got in my email today and thought i'd share

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kohls.com has free shipping on $100 or more. use code SHIP2ME100
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cafepress.com has 20% off any mother's day gift. use code MISSMOM. promo ends May 2

personalcreations.com has 25% off orders over $49. use code 4925APR. promo ends may 3

personalwine.com for 30% off, try code QV57A6. i'm not 100% sure this one will work, but it's worth a try

April 28, 2010

mother's day

mother's day is approaching. have you thought about what you want to give to your mom? last year, i bought my mom chocolate bars from olivesandwiches.com. they are super cute and come with some pretty amusing wrappers. the bad thing about buying them last year was that you couldn't buy less than a dozen, i think it was. they also used to have some great unique flavors, but it appears that now, they only come in milk or dark chocolate. the good news is that you can buy one at a time. they also have cards and bath salts. it's definitely worth checking out.

also, personalwines.com sells wine with personalized labels at a reasonable price. pick your wine and design your label and order. i bought champagne from here last year for my sister-in-law's wedding. it looked great and they do have mother's day labels.

2 years ago (i think), i designed a fabulous apron with a huge picture of my smiling face for my mom. the caption read "i wish i could cook as well as my daughter". i made this and several other items, including tote bags and coffee mugs at zazzle.com. you can even make custom postage stamps.

the last suggestion i will give you is personalcreations.com. they have allot of great personalized gifts from casserole dishes and throws to picture frames.

there are a few suggestions for mothers day. it's a little over a week away, so i'm sure if you order now, you can have your gift here on time. these are all sites that i buy from on a regular basis. i have never had a problem with an order from any of them.

happy shopping, everyone!

April 23, 2010


Last night, i hosted a partylite candle party and it got me thinking about tupperware parties of past. I thought, maybe i'll host a tupperware party too. after all, tupperware was the beginning of hosting parties to sell a product. For those who don't know (and that's probably most, because, honestly, who cares?) here's the abridged story of tupperware and it's parties.

Tupperware was invented by Earl Tupper in 1945. he tried to sell his product in department stores, but plastic was a new thing and consumers didn't seem to understand the plastic seal. there were door to door salesmen who were selling tupperware products somewhat successfully. this is when earl tupper hooked up with brownie wise, one of those salespeople. brownie wise is responsible for inventing the tupperware party. she had a flare for the parties, the demonstrations and knowing people. earl tupper was responsible for the product and brownie turned it into what we know today. without the two of them together, tupperware as we know it would not be.

Tupperware changed the lives of housewives at the time. it gave them the opportunity to get out of the house and earn money without interfering with their jobs at home. they weren't out selling just any product, they were selling something that they could use and understand to people they knew and understood.

so, that's all the history lesson i'm going to give you today. as i was looking this up, i started at the tupperware website to look at their products. i was surprised to see that many of them are the same. after that, i was looking for vintage tupperware on ebay. i found myself with a huge smile as i sorted through this fabulous variety of orange, yellow, brown and green tupperware. my husband had probably thought i'd lost it (and maybe he's right) because who gets so happy about sitting at home on a friday night looking for old used tupperware? while going through the products on ebay, i realized that i think my grandmother owned everything from every catalog that came out in the 1970s and probably before. i knew what each gadget was used for, no need for a demonstration. it was like stepping into my grandmother's kitchen at any point in my childhood. many of these things that i saw on ebay and that were owned by my grandmother were things that my mother also owned when i was a kid, but hers were bought in the 80s, so the colors were better. my mother favored navy blue instead of my grandmother's orange. so, it started with a candle party and ended with a bizarre obsession with tupperware. i haven't yet purchased my first piece of vintage tupperware, but you can bet i will.

all of us have attended a tupperware party at some point in our lives. today, you can have a party to sell almost anything from candles and food mixes to sex toys. unfortunatly, the internet, i think takes something away from classic parties. for the most part, you can buy products online without being invited to a party. tupperware even offers online parties. i am going to open an online party now, i think. if tupperware isn't your thing, you might consider hosting a partylite party. if you live in the area, you can contact jenn brown at http://www.partylite.biz/sites/jennmolloybrown. whatever it is that interests you, invite some girls over and keep the tradition of brownie wise alive!

April 22, 2010

Earth day 2010

Happy earth day, everyone. I thought today, i'd give you some tips on saving money and staying green. i'm sure that you've heard most of these, but i'll give them to you anyway.

i'm sure that it goes without saying that you can save energy and cut costs by making sure that you turn off the lights when you leave a room. i used to hate sitting in a dark house, but it doesn't bother me so much anymore-open the windows and let the light in! also, turn off the tv! think of all the energy that is wasted by having it on all day. not only do you find better things to do, but you also miss adds that make us want to spend money!

you can conserve water and save on your bill by putting a brick in the toilet tank. a brick in the tank can save almost 1/3 of a gallon every time you flush. this works really well if you have an older toilet-newer toilets have smaller tanks and are mostly designed to use less water.

instead of spending money on household cleaners that contain chemicals, take a look in your pantry. 2 of the most important and versatile cleaners are right there-baking soda and vinegar. you would be amazed at what these 2 items can be used for and they are extremely cheap.

When it comes to things that i pack in school lunches like applesauce, fruit, pudding, jello, i have stopped buying the prepackaged servings. not only is it cheaper to buy a large jar of applesauce or a box of jello, but you save some waste by eliminating all those little plastic cups.

we are also seriously considering becoming a single car family. rarely are we both gone in separate cars and when we are, one of us is in town and can walk instead of driving. it would save us money on gas (obviously we always keep gas in both cars, never knowing which one we're going to use) and insurance. it would take one car off the road and maybe a few pounds off my behind and put some much needed cash in our pockets.

last, but not least, use reusable grocery bags. this doesn't save you money right now, but could in the long run. it takes millions of gallons of oil to produce plastic bags that could be used for fuel and heat. not to mention the fact that most of these bags become litter, kill thousands of marine animals a year. they take 1000 years to break down in a landfills and break down into smaller particles that contaminate water and soil. you can find reusable bags anywhere these days. i bought my grocery bags (pictured above) from envirosax.com. they have a variety of colors and patterns. mine came in a pack of 5 that roll up and fit conveniently into a very small pouch that i can keep in my glove box then put in my purse.

that's all i have time for today. remember, "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed." – Mohandas K. Gandhi

April 20, 2010

good deeds

here is where i tell you that i am a doer of good deeds and ask you to join. here are a couple of things going on in my life.

On may 8, i am walking in the CF Great Strides walk in Fairview Heights. if you'd like to make a donation for that, you can scroll down and click donate now on the great strides button to the right. any little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.

Also, please go to Pepsi's refresheverything.com and vote for benld elementary to win $250,000 to help them build a new school. their school was condemned due to mine subsidence. it was only 7 years old and now the kids are schooling in trailers and they haven't had regular school times in a year. right now, they are in 2nd place. if they can stay that way until the end of the month, they will get the money. just go to refresheverything.com and search for ben-gil elementary. your vote is appreciated. let's not forget that yours truly attended benld elementary. you never know what kind of brilliant minds they're going to turn out and right now, that mind could be inhibited due to being schooled in a trailer.

lastly, our book club is donating a basket to the mark wittman golf tournament. part of the proceeds are going to help the maag family from carrollton. there is a picture of our fabulous basket that is sure to bring lots of money at the top of the page.
well, for some reason, i can't upload pics right now, but i'll try again in a bit.

one more thing, you can also become a drunken housewife fan on facebook now. become a fan and subject yourself to any random crap that pops into my head throughout the day!

April 17, 2010


wooo hooo! i get to sleep ALONE tonight. we are the worst parents in history. ok, maybe i wouldn't go that far. when our youngest girl, georgia was born, the middle one, kennedy was 14 months old. georgia slept in a bassinet for 6 months (she was tiny and fit in it that long). so, when georgia was ready to go to the crib, we tried to move kennedy to a toddler bed. we were very wrong on both counts. the result-they both sleep in our bed. at this point, when i say our bed, i am refering to the bed that i share with kennedy and georgia. i have not slept in the same bed with my husband in a year (if you've ever slept with someone who has sleep apnea, you would know that might not be a bad thing). however, i'd take the snoring over the girls that sleep on top of me. i end up in some bizarre position every night and can't move until morning. you know those days that you wake up in the morning and don't want to get out of bed because you're sooo comfortable-i haven't had one of those days in 2 years!
however, tonight, steve is sleeping with the girls and i get to sleep alone! the last time we tried this, i slept upstairs with our oldest daughter and ended up awake all night listening to the babies cry. i am not doing that tonight, though. i think i'm even going to try to sleep in tomorrow. it won't happen. i'm sure that i'll be woken up at 5:30 by steve complaining that he's been up all night and needs sleep. well, i'm headed to sleep now. everyone wish me luck!

April 5, 2010

the yeller

i would give anything for peace and quiet. i used to listen to my mom say that and it never meant much. these days, though, i find myself saying it. i feel like i'm running a 3 ring circus some days and it never seems to end. i am surrounded by constant chatter and noise. right now, corrina is running in circles around the dining room table, talking to herself, georgia is pulling my hair and saying "thank you, thank you, thank you", and kennedy is in my other ear, asking repeatedly "is it a cloudy day? is today a cloudy day?". somedays, i don't know how i make it through the day without pulling my hair out.

i have to admit, though, that i do my fair share to add to the noise. i am, unfortunately, "the yeller". i'd give anything to make it through one day without yelling. all this yelling, however, isn't a result of my anger or someone getting in trouble. i yell because i have to. nobody in this house listens to a word i say. it's almost like they don't even hear me, so in order to get anyone's attention, i must scream. don't get me wrong, i don't go around screaming all the time. it usually only happens after i've repeated myself 3 or 4 times. it is possible that they don't hear me. it's hard to hear anything with 3 kids, 2 televisions and a husband all making noise at once, but this taks me back to peace and quiet. if i had that for a day or even an hour, perhaps i could yell a little less. it is quite possible that i am invisible and my family never knows i'm there until i scream. that would definitely explain why they don't listen to me the first time. if you hear a voice and don't see a person, you're probably going to ignore it. oh well, i'm sure i will never have the answers to why my family doesn't hear me when i speak or why they choose to ignore it. i suppose i'll just have to go through this life hearing people whisper behind me "don't go near her, she's a yeller", and my kids saying "you can't come to my house to play, my mom is the yeller".


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