April 30, 2010

gardening with marker

it's that time of year again, when my husband makes an attempt to plant a garden. usually, he plants it, leaves it and occasionally manages to grow something, but who wants to wade through all those weeds to get to anything? last year, he made the garden a little bigger and i was almost impressed with his ability to grow things. we had zucchini, pumpkins, watermelon, cantaloupe, green beans, cucumbers. it was pretty good. i began to learn how to can, pickle and jam! it was allot of work, but i actually enjoyed doing it.
last year's garden was probably about 1/3 of the size of this year's. my brother-in-law has also seemed to take over the responsibility. my guess is that he got tired of wading through the sea of weeds, home to who knows what, in order to steal our produce. i think it's good for him. i think he might have ADD. the man can not stay in one place for more than 10 minutes. maybe gardening can get him to focus on something a little longer. my 81 year old father-in-law uses the charming phrase "he's like a fart in the wind". i think it is definitely good for me because he seems to be determined/slightly obsessed with having a fantastic garden.

all i have to say is bless him. i am so looking forward to having a fab garden. i think i'll have to expand my small collection of canning supplies and tools, but it will be fun! he came over yesterday to plant some things and the girls helped. they absolutely love being in the garden with uncle marker. my husband does help some, but i'm expecting him to try to take the credit!
watch out, everyone! if you think i was the crazy pickler last year, just wait until this year. i have a feeling no one will ever leave my house without a jar of pickles or jelly!

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