April 20, 2010

good deeds

here is where i tell you that i am a doer of good deeds and ask you to join. here are a couple of things going on in my life.

On may 8, i am walking in the CF Great Strides walk in Fairview Heights. if you'd like to make a donation for that, you can scroll down and click donate now on the great strides button to the right. any little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.

Also, please go to Pepsi's refresheverything.com and vote for benld elementary to win $250,000 to help them build a new school. their school was condemned due to mine subsidence. it was only 7 years old and now the kids are schooling in trailers and they haven't had regular school times in a year. right now, they are in 2nd place. if they can stay that way until the end of the month, they will get the money. just go to refresheverything.com and search for ben-gil elementary. your vote is appreciated. let's not forget that yours truly attended benld elementary. you never know what kind of brilliant minds they're going to turn out and right now, that mind could be inhibited due to being schooled in a trailer.

lastly, our book club is donating a basket to the mark wittman golf tournament. part of the proceeds are going to help the maag family from carrollton. there is a picture of our fabulous basket that is sure to bring lots of money at the top of the page.
well, for some reason, i can't upload pics right now, but i'll try again in a bit.

one more thing, you can also become a drunken housewife fan on facebook now. become a fan and subject yourself to any random crap that pops into my head throughout the day!

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