May 26, 2010

bright idea

yesterday, this idea came to me and i thought it would be fun to do (my husband doesn't). my bright idea was to go 1 day a week without using electricity. i will obviously not unplug the refrigerator and we will still run the air conditioner. aside from those 2 things, everything will be unplugged and nothing will be turned on until the next morning. this should be pretty easy to do during the summer. the kids can spend most of their time outside and they go to bed before it's completely dark. we'll have cold cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and bbq dinner. we'll start a fire and make s'mores for dessert and how fun for the girls to take a bath by candlelight.

this idea came to me when i realized that the kids would rather watch tv or play video games outside. the more i thought about it, the more i liked the idea. it really forces us to use out imaginations and come up with things to do as a family. i also like the idea that after the kids go to bed and it's dark, my husband and i can't sit around and watch tv and we are forced to sit in candlelight. after i decided this, i started wondering what 4 days a month with no electricity would do to my power bill. it couldn't hurt, right? i'm excited about doing this. we're going to give it a shot tomorrow. i don't know how well it will go because this is something i just decided yesterday and i already had our meals planned. we're going to do our best, though and will definitely dive in all the way next thursday. my husband thinks the idea stinks and looked at me like i'm insane when i told him. you never know, it might just be a great idea!

do you think you could go a day without power? what kind of things did your parents do to promote family time and do you think it was worth it or a waste of time?

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