May 9, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday!

two days of birthday celebrating! we are worn out. her actual birthday isn't until tomorrow. it will be nice to just stay at home alone tomorrow, eat left over cake and relax. we had 2 days of opening presents (tomorrow will be 3) and 2 birthday cakes. the thought of cake kind of makes me sick right now! they were all asking for cake before i even made breakfast this morning. you know what, i gave it to them! i wasn't going to tell anyone, but it's so unlike me, i thought it was funny. they each had a tiny little peace while i was making their real breakfast. a friends husband told me one time that he thought if you were going to give sweets to a kid, you might as well do it in the morning instead of in the afternoon or before bed. he said that way, they have more time to run it off. that is what was going through my head this morning! the kids were all delighted and amazed and told me that i'm the best mom ever. now, i wonder what they'll say the next time they ask for cake in the morning and i tell them no!

Well, i think i've had about all the family fun i can take for a weekend. i was woken up at 3:45 in the morning and have been very sick all day. luckily for me, it is mother's day and they're actually willing to let me rest and try to feel better.
just in case you're wondering, the tutu and shirt she's wearing came together. i ordered them from the tutu fairy. she makes all tutus to order. you can find her on ebay or she really loved it and looked so cute. i'm definitely going to get one for my youngest daughter's birthday in june.
i can't believe she's three already. where has the time gone? i just love watching them grow and change, though. at every age, i keep thinking, i wish i could freeze them here and keep them this age forever. they truly are amazing!

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