May 25, 2010

Summer at Last!

summer has officially arrived in the Midwest! last week, it was rainy and the temperature barely reached 65. this week, however, it is near 90 and sunny all week. that's Illinois for you.

today was the last day of school. our oldest daughter was so excited about their last day activities. my husband was to serve lunch and i was to help with games this afternoon. she woke up this morning and said she didn't feel well. she was determined to go to school so i let her. they left at 7:00 and by 8:30, my husband had to go pick her up because she was running a fever. she was so upset. she's feeling better now. a dose of Tylenol and her fever is gone. she and i had plans to eat out together tonight. i think that we might still give it a shot as long as her fever doesn't return.

i'm really looking forward to having her home for the summer. during the school year, i felt like i had very little time to spend with her. they left at 7 am, came home around 4pm. after dinner, baths and fighting to get her sisters to sleep, she spent most of the day with her dad. now, she is all mine for a couple months!

do you ever feel that you don't spend enough time with one or all of your kids? what do you do to try to make up for it?

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