May 7, 2010

Weekend fun

i was thinking about weekends and how they used to mean going out on dates, with friends, etc. however, now, i realize that we never do anything on weekends. we stay home at night and we use the days to get things done that we can't get done during the week. what is the fun in weekends, then? i am usually in bed by now, but i decided that it's friday night, it's ok for me to stay up a little later! when did i become so lame? so, here is my resolution: i resolve to get more accomplished during the week and spend more time having fun on weekends. instead of staying home, trying to get things done, we will start taking the kids more places. i have been doing fly lady challenges and this, hopefully, will help me more during the week. this weekend, we are celebrating our middle daughter's birthday (which is monday). we are going to a bbq tomorrow and having family over sunday. for next weekend, i will plan something fun that we can do as a family. even though we're always home on the weekends, i feel like we don't do enough together. that is a problem i plan to remedy!
what do you do on the weekends? do you use them for rest, work or fun? what are your favorite activities to do as a family?

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