June 28, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today, our youngest daughter turned 2. i can't believe how amazing, sweet and funny she has turned out to be. not that i expected her to be anything but. it just always amazes me how all 3 of our kids have completely different personalities. the youngest is the biggest tom boy. she kept this dress on for about 10 minutes, maybe. so unlike our 3 year old who insisted on wearing hers for 3 days. the youngest demanded more attention and time and cried so much more than the other 2, but now that she's older, she really is captivating. she LOVES to make people laugh. she isn't afraid of anything (that scares me). she watches what her older sisters do and she will match them and try to top them. our 3 year old tends to be on the shy side and is scared to try the things our 6 year old does, but not george. she jumps right in and proves to everyone that she may not be a big girl, but she can do anything a big girl can.
happy birthday to my adorable fearless girl. she will most definitely cause me to have an ulcer by the time i'm 40!

June 27, 2010

I love my garden!

We are finally getting produce from our massive garden
We had potatoes with dinner
and fried zucchini
and i made a couple jars of pickles!

June 21, 2010

blueberries under my nails

i am tired! we had a very busy weekend. friday, my 4 year old cousin spent the night with us. saturday, we went to a bbq to celebrate my grandmother's 69th birthday, then to a parade. sunday we went to lunch and played all afternoon. actually, i never got to eat lunch because one of the kids was crabby and wanted to go home.
today, corrina went to day camp at the church. it lasts all week long and she has to taker her lunch. the ONLY kind of sandwich she will eat is peanut butter and jelly. this morning as i was making her lunch, i used the last 2 slices of bread and scraped every last bit of jelly out of the jar. so, to avoid going to the grocery store, i decided to use the blueberries that have been taking up space in my too small freezer and make jelly. then, after dinner, i started bread dough. i'm waiting for it to rise. was all that work really worth it to skip the grocery store? ABSOLUTELY! i spent no money to make the jelly and i got 6 jars instead of 1 and homemade bread or store bought-that's a no brainer. but it has tired me out and i don't think that i've left the kitchen all day.

also, this weekend, i'm going to start making pickles. i went ahead and cut the cucumbers that we've picked and put them in the refrigerator. i wonder if that was the right thing to do or not. i thought i was saving myself some time, but now i'm worried they won't be good come saturday. if anyone has an answer to this, please let me know. i thought about putting them in the freezer, but figured they would get mushy.

anyway, i'm so tired, i feel like i'm rambling. on a side note, in the middle of my very busy weekend, i received the biggest shock of my life. i wasn't sure how to feel about it at first, but i think i might be happy about it now. i'll let you all know more about it as it develops-if it develops.

that's about all from this drunken housewife today. if only i had made the trip out earlier, i could have been writing this with a glass of wine!

June 17, 2010

veggieless plates and mudpies

i'm starting to really like our power down day. i wish the rest of the family would show the same enthusiasm for it that i do! i'm not as strict as i was the first day we did it. we do use lights if we need to, but i think it's really turning out to be a good thing. tonight, i made dinner on the grill. the entire meal was made on the bbq by yours truly! the only thing i forgot (don't ask how) was a vegetable. we went veggie free tonight.

so, for dinner, we had pork chops. i soaked them in beer and garlic all day. they were quite tasty. we also had potatoes. here's what i did with those: on aluminum foil, i layered thin sliced potatoes, thinly sliced onions, chopped garlic, fresh basil, topped it with salt and pepper and dotted it with butter. make a little packet out of the foil and grill it for about 30 minutes. they were so good and they smelled even better! even the 6 year old ate them.
i even opened a package of crescent rolls and thought i'd try making them on the grill, to avoid turning on the oven. they turned out surprisingly well. i really didn't expect it to work. it would have worked better if i left them alone, but i kept poking at them and moving them around.

that was my grilling experience for the day. it was quite successful if i do say so myself. while i was cooking, the kids had the bright idea to turn their water play table into a mud pie making table. that was delightful!

eventually, they were cleaned and we ate dinner. the poor plate looks so...veggieless!

June 16, 2010

A tribute to my husband

in the more than 5 years we've been together, my husband has said and done quite a few stupid things. yesterday, he was able to top himself yet again and inspired me to write this blog.
when i forced my technologically challenged husband to finally get a cell phone, the battery died so he charged it. after it charged, he brought it to me complaining about how i made him get the stupid thing and it broke already. he told me he had charged it and it wouldn't come back on. i asked "did you actually turn it on" his answer: "well, yes, i opened it!"
a couple years ago, i finally got my husband to get rid of his beat up old pick up truck. actually it died (god is merciful), so he got a new car. a couple months after getting it, he came to me complaining about how the air conditioner was broken already and he wasn't happy about it at all. i ask "did you turn it on". he answers "of course. it is running, but it just blows out hot air". to this, i have to ask "did you push the button with the snowflake on it?" he mumbled something about how of course he did, his mama didn't raise no fool. next time i get in the car, i turn on the a/c and it worked beautifully!

i'm in the delivery room, giving birth to our second daughter. she was seconds away from being born. as the doctor tells me to push, the phone in my husband's pocket rings. he ACTUALLY reached to answer it. however, the nasty looks he was given by every female in the room quickly changed his mind.

i could go on all day about the dumb things he has said and done, but perhaps i will save some for another time.

yesterday, while at work, my husband throws something in the trash can. i guess it didn't make it in or something, so he bent over to pick it up. when he bent over, he actually got his tie caught in the paper shredder. he was able to shut off the shredder before anything else got ruined, but the tie did not make it.
i love my husband and am very thankful and lucky to have him in my life. thank you, honey, i love you and thanks for providing me with comic relief, even when you don't intend to!

June 14, 2010

Pajama Party Time

Today was a very lazy day at our house. i have been extremely exhausted. it's hot and who says that kids have to go outside every single day? well, i wasn't in the mood for it, so we decided to have a pajama party. we all changed back into our pajamas (by the end of the day, george thought it wasa beach party day and put on her bathing suit), loaded the living room with sleeping bags and pillows. we ate popcorn, watched a movie and danced. we played beauty salon, gave "makeovers" and painted our toenails. i came out of it with a fantastic hair do and almost-professional make up. for lunch, we ordered a pizza and ate brownies, then took a nap. what a great way to spend a hot day inside.

June 13, 2010

Reasons why I deserve to drink

Today's reasons why i deserve a glass of wine (or two)
1. i've had the icarly theme song stuck in my had all day
2. i spent over an hour in the car listening to the girls watch dora! i knew when to shout and what to shout, i sang the songs and at the end did the "we did it dance" while driving.
3. there is something seriously wrong with the internet. it works for 5 minutes, quits for 5, works for 5, quits for 5.
4. i invited my 4 year old cousin to spend the night with us friday
5. babies who fall asleep at 5:30 are not much fun when they wake up at 7:00
6. my husband has the tv remote (that's never a good thing)
7. i wore a bathing suit today for the first time in 4 years (YIKES, that was 2 babies ago!!)
8. i wore that bathing suit to sit in the kiddie pool with the babies. i felt like a HOOSIER even though it was necessary and i'm sure at least one of the neighbors saw

Celebratory reasons i deserve wine

1. Season 3 of True Blood starts tonight
2. i now have 5 whole followers and i'm only related to 1 of them
3. i have a wonderful family and 3 of the cutest kids ever
4. all of those 3 kids are finally in bed

June 9, 2010


i look around my house (especially the play room) and i wonder why we need so much stuff. why do my children need to own every toy known to man? do they really need 20 barbies and 100 movies? it has gotten to the point where their playroom has so much stuff that it is next to impossible for me to keep it clean and organized. even when it is clean and organized, it looks like a mess. i'm at my wits end.

half of their toys don't get played with, but i can't bring myself to sell them or give them away. i'm now coming to appreciate a simpler lifestyle. what good are we doing for our children by giving them anything and everything they think they need. do we really need to have 300 channels on our tv and shelves full of video games? exactly what are we teaching them? i think that children would be happier and more fulfilled with less choices.

we've cut down on our buying. corrina got a nintendo ds for christmas and a couple games to go with it. we refuse to buy her anymore games. she has to buy them on her own. so far, she hasn't cared to do anything to earn the money to buy anymore. we've stopped buying toys except on birthdays and christmas and even those have been considerably cut. i try to buy one big item so that i can buy smaller things to go with that one item. kennedy got a dollhouse for christmas (her favorite thing) so i was able to buy her accessories to go with it for her birthday.

the problem is, how do we get others to stop buying them so many things? for birthdays, i'd like to tell a couple people to get a couple things they need and i'd prefer that everyone else put money in their bank accounts. this seems impossible to get other people to stop buying things. if anyone has any ideas on how to get people to respect our wishes without insulting anyone, please let me know!
my attitude toward money and possessions has completely changed in the last couple years. i used to spend, spend and give the kids anything they wanted. there were a lot of things that i wanted as a kid and didn't get, mostly because we couldn't afford it. i thought i was doing a good thing by not making them go through that. i was a fool. having less things makes kids appreciate what they do have. less toys, tv and video games makes them use their imaginations a little more. making corrina save her money to buy what she wants teaches her the value of money and responsibility and she can enjoy her things much more because she had to work to get it. i don't want my kids to grow up thinking that things will always be handed to them. i want them to be happy with themselves, their family and what they do have. giving them these things is what will make them love us, not giving them toys.


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