June 21, 2010

blueberries under my nails

i am tired! we had a very busy weekend. friday, my 4 year old cousin spent the night with us. saturday, we went to a bbq to celebrate my grandmother's 69th birthday, then to a parade. sunday we went to lunch and played all afternoon. actually, i never got to eat lunch because one of the kids was crabby and wanted to go home.
today, corrina went to day camp at the church. it lasts all week long and she has to taker her lunch. the ONLY kind of sandwich she will eat is peanut butter and jelly. this morning as i was making her lunch, i used the last 2 slices of bread and scraped every last bit of jelly out of the jar. so, to avoid going to the grocery store, i decided to use the blueberries that have been taking up space in my too small freezer and make jelly. then, after dinner, i started bread dough. i'm waiting for it to rise. was all that work really worth it to skip the grocery store? ABSOLUTELY! i spent no money to make the jelly and i got 6 jars instead of 1 and homemade bread or store bought-that's a no brainer. but it has tired me out and i don't think that i've left the kitchen all day.

also, this weekend, i'm going to start making pickles. i went ahead and cut the cucumbers that we've picked and put them in the refrigerator. i wonder if that was the right thing to do or not. i thought i was saving myself some time, but now i'm worried they won't be good come saturday. if anyone has an answer to this, please let me know. i thought about putting them in the freezer, but figured they would get mushy.

anyway, i'm so tired, i feel like i'm rambling. on a side note, in the middle of my very busy weekend, i received the biggest shock of my life. i wasn't sure how to feel about it at first, but i think i might be happy about it now. i'll let you all know more about it as it develops-if it develops.

that's about all from this drunken housewife today. if only i had made the trip out earlier, i could have been writing this with a glass of wine!

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