June 28, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today, our youngest daughter turned 2. i can't believe how amazing, sweet and funny she has turned out to be. not that i expected her to be anything but. it just always amazes me how all 3 of our kids have completely different personalities. the youngest is the biggest tom boy. she kept this dress on for about 10 minutes, maybe. so unlike our 3 year old who insisted on wearing hers for 3 days. the youngest demanded more attention and time and cried so much more than the other 2, but now that she's older, she really is captivating. she LOVES to make people laugh. she isn't afraid of anything (that scares me). she watches what her older sisters do and she will match them and try to top them. our 3 year old tends to be on the shy side and is scared to try the things our 6 year old does, but not george. she jumps right in and proves to everyone that she may not be a big girl, but she can do anything a big girl can.
happy birthday to my adorable fearless girl. she will most definitely cause me to have an ulcer by the time i'm 40!

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