June 17, 2010

veggieless plates and mudpies

i'm starting to really like our power down day. i wish the rest of the family would show the same enthusiasm for it that i do! i'm not as strict as i was the first day we did it. we do use lights if we need to, but i think it's really turning out to be a good thing. tonight, i made dinner on the grill. the entire meal was made on the bbq by yours truly! the only thing i forgot (don't ask how) was a vegetable. we went veggie free tonight.

so, for dinner, we had pork chops. i soaked them in beer and garlic all day. they were quite tasty. we also had potatoes. here's what i did with those: on aluminum foil, i layered thin sliced potatoes, thinly sliced onions, chopped garlic, fresh basil, topped it with salt and pepper and dotted it with butter. make a little packet out of the foil and grill it for about 30 minutes. they were so good and they smelled even better! even the 6 year old ate them.
i even opened a package of crescent rolls and thought i'd try making them on the grill, to avoid turning on the oven. they turned out surprisingly well. i really didn't expect it to work. it would have worked better if i left them alone, but i kept poking at them and moving them around.

that was my grilling experience for the day. it was quite successful if i do say so myself. while i was cooking, the kids had the bright idea to turn their water play table into a mud pie making table. that was delightful!

eventually, they were cleaned and we ate dinner. the poor plate looks so...veggieless!

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