June 13, 2010

Reasons why I deserve to drink

Today's reasons why i deserve a glass of wine (or two)
1. i've had the icarly theme song stuck in my had all day
2. i spent over an hour in the car listening to the girls watch dora! i knew when to shout and what to shout, i sang the songs and at the end did the "we did it dance" while driving.
3. there is something seriously wrong with the internet. it works for 5 minutes, quits for 5, works for 5, quits for 5.
4. i invited my 4 year old cousin to spend the night with us friday
5. babies who fall asleep at 5:30 are not much fun when they wake up at 7:00
6. my husband has the tv remote (that's never a good thing)
7. i wore a bathing suit today for the first time in 4 years (YIKES, that was 2 babies ago!!)
8. i wore that bathing suit to sit in the kiddie pool with the babies. i felt like a HOOSIER even though it was necessary and i'm sure at least one of the neighbors saw

Celebratory reasons i deserve wine

1. Season 3 of True Blood starts tonight
2. i now have 5 whole followers and i'm only related to 1 of them
3. i have a wonderful family and 3 of the cutest kids ever
4. all of those 3 kids are finally in bed

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