June 9, 2010


i look around my house (especially the play room) and i wonder why we need so much stuff. why do my children need to own every toy known to man? do they really need 20 barbies and 100 movies? it has gotten to the point where their playroom has so much stuff that it is next to impossible for me to keep it clean and organized. even when it is clean and organized, it looks like a mess. i'm at my wits end.

half of their toys don't get played with, but i can't bring myself to sell them or give them away. i'm now coming to appreciate a simpler lifestyle. what good are we doing for our children by giving them anything and everything they think they need. do we really need to have 300 channels on our tv and shelves full of video games? exactly what are we teaching them? i think that children would be happier and more fulfilled with less choices.

we've cut down on our buying. corrina got a nintendo ds for christmas and a couple games to go with it. we refuse to buy her anymore games. she has to buy them on her own. so far, she hasn't cared to do anything to earn the money to buy anymore. we've stopped buying toys except on birthdays and christmas and even those have been considerably cut. i try to buy one big item so that i can buy smaller things to go with that one item. kennedy got a dollhouse for christmas (her favorite thing) so i was able to buy her accessories to go with it for her birthday.

the problem is, how do we get others to stop buying them so many things? for birthdays, i'd like to tell a couple people to get a couple things they need and i'd prefer that everyone else put money in their bank accounts. this seems impossible to get other people to stop buying things. if anyone has any ideas on how to get people to respect our wishes without insulting anyone, please let me know!
my attitude toward money and possessions has completely changed in the last couple years. i used to spend, spend and give the kids anything they wanted. there were a lot of things that i wanted as a kid and didn't get, mostly because we couldn't afford it. i thought i was doing a good thing by not making them go through that. i was a fool. having less things makes kids appreciate what they do have. less toys, tv and video games makes them use their imaginations a little more. making corrina save her money to buy what she wants teaches her the value of money and responsibility and she can enjoy her things much more because she had to work to get it. i don't want my kids to grow up thinking that things will always be handed to them. i want them to be happy with themselves, their family and what they do have. giving them these things is what will make them love us, not giving them toys.

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