July 20, 2010

mommy burn-out

I think i am ailing from a severe case of mommy burn-out. i feel like if i have to spend one more day in this house, if i have too cook one more meal, clean up one more mess or wash one more load of laundry, i will scream and pull my hair out and need to be put in a padded room. i need a vacation. it's not that i really want to be away from my family, i just desperately need to get away from the day to day monotony. unfortunately, our vacation money has to be spent on other things this year, signs with our name on them, magnets with our name on them, flyers, newspaper ads and anything else we can squeeze our name on. this makes me angry and the anger does not mix well with my desperate need to be away. i think i might seriously lose my mind. somebody, please tell me that this happens to other mothers because on top of feeling angry, and used up, i feel horribly guilty about feeling this way.

July 16, 2010

You Capture-Vehicles

It's fair week here in Jersey County! We started the week off with a parade on Tuesday night. It was a very hot, very long parade.
There weren't alot of floats, but a lot of cars and politicians. And yes, we were included.

The kids didn't mind, because they hit the candy jackpot!

It's hard to keep the kids back, but we had to when these crazy drivers went by!

Later in the week, we hit the fairgrounds and spent way too much money riding rides.

All in all, it's been a very hot, very expensive and very fun week!
You can find more vehicle pictures at


July 15, 2010

Ready for a new decade!

Yesterday, i turned 30. it really wasn't a big deal. in the morning, i did housework, then i went out for lunch and again for dinner. i didn't dress up, i didn't get my hair done, i didn't go anywhere fancy. i did wear red lipstick, just for fun! turning 30 doesn't bother me. i'm glad to be shedding the chaos and turmoil that was most of my 20's. i'm happy to be older, more stable, and smarter, even if it means being fatter, boring and sleep deprived. i'm looking forward to the next 10 years, to doing things right, living my life and raising my kids. i love the fact that i have everything i could want, with the exception of a dishwasher. i wouldn't trade this contentment for anything, not even if i could be 20 again for a day!

July 12, 2010

Time flies when you're not sure if you're having fun

i don't know why, but july and december are always our busiest months. i don't think i've stopped moving in the last 2 weeks and it won't stop until the end of the month, if then. i haven't had much time to sit down and post anything. the last post was a re-post, even though i don't have many to re-do! i picked it because i've been doing a lot of canning in the last couple days and it still applies. tonight, i'm not pickling or canning, i'm making cookies-lots and lots of cookies. this week is our county fair and tomorrow is the parade. last year, i made 300 cookies and they didn't make it halfway through, so this year, i'm making 600.

i feel like we've been so busy, that we haven't done anything that we planned to do this summer. we're going to be stuck squeezing it all in come august.
so far, this summer has flown by. we have worries and concerns hanging over us like a black cloud and weighing on our hearts. we've changed a lot in our life to make room for issues that have come up. we believe that in the end, everything will work out to our advantage. why shouldn't it? we are a strong family, we are good people and we will work harder than anyone else to make it through. we'll make it because we have each other. even though this hasn't been the summer we had hoped for, we have become a closer family and i'm happier than i've ever been. hopefully, by the end of this summer, we will have news about adding a sixth member to our family!

the canning queen re-post

it is after 10:00 and i'm just sitting down! for 8 straight hours i have been standing in my kitchen making watermelon jelly. i made 11 pints of jelly and started making watermelon rind pickles. ok, that's not entirely true. i did stop to go buy more jars and pectin. unlike the pumpkin, the watermelon was accident free and fairly easy. i guess they are both pretty easy, just time consuming. it really suprises me how quickly i've picked up and not hated the whole canning thing. like i said, it is time consuming, but let's be honest here, not too many people have more time than me-except maybe rich housewives, and they would pay someone to make their jelly. why would rich people make jelly, anyway, they would just buy it. so, i guess i'm the perfect fool for canning. i think i like it, though, because it's nice to know that i made something all by myself, something that not alot of people do. when it's all done, all night, the jars make little popping sounds. it makes me smile everytime i hear one, because it means i've done something right! it may also mean that an angel is getting its wings, but i can't be sure. tomorrow, i'm going to attempt to do something with tomatoes. i've been putting it off, but i don't think i can any longer. besideds, i have to at least attempt something with them to get my husband to shut up about it! i guess i'm going to try do drift off to dreamland where 4 beautiful swedes are singing "you are the canning queen".


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