July 20, 2010

mommy burn-out

I think i am ailing from a severe case of mommy burn-out. i feel like if i have to spend one more day in this house, if i have too cook one more meal, clean up one more mess or wash one more load of laundry, i will scream and pull my hair out and need to be put in a padded room. i need a vacation. it's not that i really want to be away from my family, i just desperately need to get away from the day to day monotony. unfortunately, our vacation money has to be spent on other things this year, signs with our name on them, magnets with our name on them, flyers, newspaper ads and anything else we can squeeze our name on. this makes me angry and the anger does not mix well with my desperate need to be away. i think i might seriously lose my mind. somebody, please tell me that this happens to other mothers because on top of feeling angry, and used up, i feel horribly guilty about feeling this way.

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