August 20, 2010


Reasons I need a drink today:

1.  I spent ALL morning trying to fix a slow running drain.
2.  After fixing it, I took a shower and found out I somehow clogged it completely
3.  I only got one leg shaved in the shower before the water got too high
4.  I went to the store in the rain
5.  The only umbrella I could find was a small, pink Dora umbrella
6.  I had to worry that I would get struck by lightening and be found dead, clutching a  Dora umbrella with only one leg shaved
7.  I had to buy my 6 year old her first bra this week
8.  I've had a cold for the last couple days
9.  I have a huge headache.  I think gray matter may be leaking from my ears
10.  I got no housework done today because of the drain, now i have to do it tomorrow.  
11.  I have a twitch in my eye-I'm not sure if other people can see it
12. It's Friday-I never get to have a drink on a Friday!

I hope your day was better and your week wasn't as nerve wracking as mine.  I hope your reasons to have a drink today are celebratory!

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  1. I hear that there is some hormone in our foods that are making kids enter puberty at earlier ages. It is sad, really. How do you explain all of that to a six year old.

    I get twitches in my eye a lot too (in your eye lid right?). I find it helps to eat a banana. It has something to do with a potassium deficiency from what I understand. Worth doing a little research on and writing us all about your findings. I have heard more and more people talk about it.


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