September 13, 2010

What not to wear-Maternity

After being pregnant 2 years in a row and at roughly the same time of the year, I had acquired quite the collection of maternity clothes.  However, thinking that I would never again need them, I gave them away.  Silly me.  Soon, I will have to start buying more.   At this point, I don't know what I will buy, but I'd like to share some of the things that I will NOT buy. 

I won't be buying anything with cartoon characters on it.  Sure, they're cute for the baby, but I think it can wait until after I give birth. 

I will not be sporting either of these key chains
You will not find me sporting a tee with a saying on it
just in case you didn't know what a baby is
just in case you need to convince yourself

just in case you want people to know that you really didn't want to have a baby

just to let everyone else know that you're still stylish

really?  I don't know what to say about this

Also, while I am pregnant, you will not find my husband wearing a tee with a funny saying
it is an annoying thing that happens, but let me be the one who makes this decision
are you really?

wow.  this is right up there with the epidural shirt.

just in case you need to let everyone know you're a man

I will also not be buying clothes here, here, or here because I am a grown up with a body and not a teenager.

I'm sure that these things have their appropriate time and place, even though I can't imagine when and where that would be.  One thing is for sure their place is not in my closet or on my body!


  1. They are all pretty bad but have to admit though I got a good laugh out of the "I'm having what she's having" tee

  2. Agreed. I wouldn't wear any of those things either.

    My Chip + Pepper jeans were my very favorite maternity item from my last pregnancy! I also had a super cute hoodie from Childish that I loved...and a black V-neck t-shirt from Gap.

    What are your favorite places to shop for maternity clothes?

  3. I have never been able to find a pair of jeans that fit right. I stick mainly with dresses. Unfortunately, the area I live in doesn't offer very many places that carry maternity clothes. I had to stick to motherhood, target and jc penny (though not much, their selection isn't that great). I was worried to try to order clothes online. I think I have to get over that this time, though because I don't have alot of time to go shopping now. Any suggestions?

  4. Aw, they're making the cutest maternity clothes now! Back in my day, there wasn't much of anything to pick from...


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