October 12, 2010

Treat Yourself Tuesday

i almost forgot that today is tuesday.  as i've mentioned before we had a VERY long weekend.  my daughter got out of school at 11:30 thursday and didn't return until this morning.  my brain is fried.  i don't know what day it is anymore.  this last week has been so busy, i think i deserve some down time.  you do too. 

one of my favorite indulgences is taking myself to a movie.  i love to go to the movies by myself.  i have to turn my phone off.  i have to eat popcorn with buttery topping (just saying that gives me the willies, but i'll eat it anyway).  i have to drink a coke (a REAL one, not a diet!).  it's so nice to sit there by myself and not think about anything except whatever is happening on the screen.  i don't have to listen to anyone laughing, commenting or trying to have a conversation with me.  this is my time.  it is fabulous.  so, this week, i think i will go see a movie and relax.  i have no idea what is playing at our 2 screen theater.  i'm sure it's something that came out 6 months ago and is due out on dvd soon.  i don't care.  i need that time.  i might even walk by the dairy queen and have an ice cream cone on the way home. 

this week, i suggest taking yourself to a movie.  i promise you won't regret it.  treat yourself to food you wouldn't normally eat.  indulge and relax.

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