October 19, 2010

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Stress.  we all have it to some degree.  the last couple days, i have been so stressed out and worried that i haven't been able to think about much else.  of course, it doesn't help that anytime i start to, my husband brings me right back to the subject that stressed me out int he first place.  it's a vicious cycle. 

so, here are some things you can do to try to rid yourself of some stress and excess worry. 

1.  go to bed early.  this would be great if you can actually go straight to sleep.  if you can't, i suggest reading something or maybe watching a little tv.  don't go to bed early if you're going to sit there in the dark and think about your problems.  i just like being in bed at 8:30 with the lights off watching something that requires no thought.  sitcom reruns are great for this.

2.  get some exercise.  if you're worrying about something too much, there's a chance that you're holding in some anger toward the source of your worry.  getting a serious workout can help this tremendously.  take a kickboxing class or put a punching bag in your attic or basement.  physically working out your frustration is a great feeling and it's also good for you physically.

on the other side, if you are just feeling a little overwhelmed, go for a walk.  enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  this time of year is so beautiful.  go out and appreciate it.  i'm sure that no matter what season it is, you can find something wonderful about it. 

3.  focus on the present.  what is happening around you right now?  chances are the people around you would appreciate you focusing on them or what you're doing instead of something that will happen tomorrow, 2 weeks ago or even something that happened yesterday. 

4.  laugh.  laughter is magical.  do what you have to do to have a  laugh.  watch a funny movie, watch your children (they are full of entertainment), have lunch with girlfriends or just call one on the phone.

5.  read a book.  really read it, don't skim it and block everything else out as much as possible.  try to read something light or something you enjoyed reading as a kid.  i've used this a lot this week.  i've thrown myself into every book i've read in the last week.  some of them, i probably shouldn't have because they just made me panicky.

6.  listen to music.  change your play list up and add songs that make you feel good.  some songs i've added to mine are ooh...child bye the five stairsteps, feeling good by michael buble, stuck in a moment by u2, don't rain on my parade by bobby darrin, mr. bluesky by elo, positively 4th street by bob dylan (i don't really know how to answer for having that on the list), (just like) starting over by john lennon.  put on the go-gos, and dance around your living room.

7.  work on a hobby.  if you don't have one, learn one.  learn something new.  learn to knit, learn to bake, learn to speak french, heck, learn to change your oil.  find something to focus your energy on and something that you can feel good about.  there's nothing stressful about a feeling of accomplishment. 

8.  eat comfort food.  have a bowl of something warm, something that makes you feel good.  soup is great.  warm liquids are great for reducing stress.  put a piece of chocolate on your tongue and just let it melt.  that always makes me feel better.  that is, until i realize i've eaten a whole box of chocolate. 

9.  get involve in a charity.  organize an event, donate books to your library, volunteer your time at a hospital or homeless shelter.  not only will it give you something to focus your attention on, but it will help someone else and also, possibly put your problems and stresses in perspective. 

10.  your husband will love me for suggesting this one.  one of the easiest way to reduce your stress is to have sex.  not only can it relieve stress, but it can also lower your blood pressure. 

there are 10 things you can try to reduce your stress level.  so, get as much work done as early as you can, so you can forget about it and focus on something a little more fun and relaxing.

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