October 26, 2010

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Why is it that as wives and mothers and adults in general, we get so weighed down by day to day things that we seem to forget to have fun or we forget to focus on bigger accomplishments or other people?  it seems that most days, i'm so focused on cooking meals, doing laundry, cleaning up messes that there doesn't seem to be room left for anything else.  there are other things i want to do, things that, no matter how much i want to accomplish them, always seem to get pushed aside, never to be done.  i think it's time to focus on some of those things. 

this week, i would like to focus on creating a list.  i'm going to start small with 25 items on my list.  today, i'm going to sit down and make a list of 25 things i want to accomplish over the next year.  i'm not sure what those 25 things are yet, but i will share it with you when i finish it. 

so, this is my suggestion to you for treat yourself tuesday.  sit down and make a list of things you want to do.  it can be anything.  finish a book you started, watch a certain number of movies, learn french, do a craft with your kids once a month (or week), remodel your bathroom, rearrange your kitchen, take a vacation, ride a roller coaster, clean out your closet.  your list can be longer than mine.  i'm just picking 25 things because i don't want to overwhelm myself, considering that before that year is over, we'll have a sixth person in our family.  when making your list, don't make it all about your family or your house.  remember to include things that you would enjoy doing too.  this is your list, to make you feel a little more accomplished and fulfilled.  it's not a list for your kids, your husband or home improvement only.  at the end of the year, you will know that you accomplished something that needed to be done, something you wanted to do, you will have broadened yourself and had some fun that you might not have had otherwise.  be creative and remember to really focus on yourself.

What kind of things will you put on your list?  Will you make sure you accomplish your list or will you feel satisfied by just writing it?

Is anyone reading Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler?  I'll be discussing it Nov 1.

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