October 5, 2010

Tree Craft

this week, we made a tree for the window of our back door.  for this craft, you need construction paper (preferably brown), coffee filters, markers in fall colors, scissors and a spray bottle filled with water. 

first, using the construction paper, draw and cut out a tree trunk.  i didn't have brown paper, so i had to color my trunk brown.  what a lot of work...phew.

while you're doing that, give the kids some markers and coffee filters and let them color away.  they can make designs, circles, stars, or just scribble.  that's what makes this a good craft for younger kids who can't color yet. 

after the coffee filters are colored, hold them upright (over the sink) and spray them with water.  you can use as much or as little as you like.  if you want the colors to really run, spray heavily and turn the filter as you do to avoid too much color dripping off.  if older kids have spent a lot of time on their designs, you may want spray lightly to preserve as much of their design as possible. 

after spraying, lay them to dry on towels. 

when the coffee filters are dry, cut them into leaf shapes and tape to your tree trunk.

we use this idea often.  our back door always had some form of this craft on it.  we have done snow flakes, hearts, flowers.  i'll be posting other fall crafts throughout the month.


  1. love it. is it bad that I want to make this for myself?

  2. you go right ahead, megan. it's hard adjusting to being home all the time. you deserve a tree!


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