October 4, 2010

turning it around.

last week, i subjected everyone to my pessimism and general bad attitude.  it made me feel a little better, though, and i did something that i wouldn't have been able to do a year and a half ago.  i turned it around.

 as soon as i published my post, i grabbed the kids and headed out the door.  as we were walking to the car, my best friend (who NEVER makes surprise visits) was walking toward the house.  i was so surprised! we took the kids to the library, out for lunch, to the park and even out for ice cream. 

we watched a soccer game

and worked on a puzzle.

 (here's a little side note about the puzzle: last week, we forgot who we are.  for a minute, we thought that we were the kind of family who put together large complicated puzzles as an act of family fun.  let it be known that we are not that family.  almost 1 week later, the puzzle is still sitting on the table unfinished.) 

anyway, what started out as a day bound to be filled with discouragement ended up being a day filled with a lot of joy and laughter. 

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