October 22, 2010

You're in the Presence of Greatness

oh boy, what a week!  i need a drink.  i deserve a drink.  ok, ok, i hear your gasps.  "but you're pregnant", you say.  yes, it's true i am and just because i say that i need/deserve a drink, doesn't mean i intend to actually have a drink.  i'll just have to settle for something g rated like hot chocolate. 

it's not easy living in this house this week.  everyday, my husband has come home with a new horror story from his job.  i'll be so happy when this election is over.  my husband's opponent has been very busy with desperate last ditch efforts to ruin his good name.  all week long, these have discouraged me and actually made me cry.  this worried me that something good in me, something bitchy in me had died.  however, i've come to realize that the crying isn't because i've gone soft.  it's just because i can't smack someone say anything about it.  oh well, at least it's given us something to laugh over this weekend.

also this week, someone tried to buy themselves a mac book pro using my debit card (almost $1300).  they would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for them meddling kids the smart people at apple.  my bank was not very helpful. i'm not sure if they've ever even dealt with a fraud problem.  the money still has not been returned to our account.  i'm starting to get a little annoyed.

i also received my first negative comment this week.  well, it's my first since i actually started putting some effort into this blog and people actually started reading it.  i was upset about the comment and everything else that
happened this week and i may or may not have unfairly taken my frustrations out on this person and their comment.  i feel really bad about that.  ok, seriously, i don't.  they deserved everything i said.  i only say that because the comment wasn't left by a person who reads this blog because they like it.  it was left by a person who knows me personally and only reads my blog in hopes to find a good opportunity to say something nasty to me.  it was a comment left after the nasty one that really got me thinking and helped me put things in perspective.  andrew said "haters gonna hate".

it was after reading andrew's comment that i realized once you reach a certain level of celebrity, people are bound to feel a little jealous, a little put out.  this is probably particularly true of acquaintances and lesser known family members.  i am seriously at a turning point in my life. i'm on the brink of being something big.  i have 13 followers and i'm only related to one.  i mean, my blog gets read about 35 times a day.  i know for a fact that only about 4 of those people are from the town i live in, one is my mom, one is my brother, i may have gone to high school with a couple of you and then there's always my 2 friends.  ok, you do the math.  that's probably about 15 people i don't know reading my blog.  i also know i'm just around the corner from being super famous because i get googled...a lot.  seriously.  who knows how many times "the slutty drunken housewife" or some variation thereof gets googled daily and i don't just mean by people in the u.s.  there's quite a few from other countries.  people all over the world are looking for my blog.  not convinced of my celebrity yet?  let me just say that my husband issues marriage licences (obviously this is important to someone, given their need to comment bout it), i can actually perform marriages (well, i can even though i haven't), not to mention the fact that i belong to a book club.  i didn't even have to show the librarian my card the other day.  she just automatically knew what name to look up. 

so, now that i've realized how important i am and my blog really is in daily life, i guess i can't blame some people for feeling the need to hate on me.  what can i say?  it's not easy being green me.  my husband is singing "i'm breakin' the law, breakin' the law".  i think that's my cue to make that hot cholcolate and imagine it's something stronger.


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