November 19, 2010

The house that love built

i may have mentioned before that for my daughter's birthday, i decided to fix up a tiny room in our house and make it her very own.

 we live in a very small house.  our upstairs bathroom is tiny and the room right next to it is just as tiny.  years ago, we had the bright idea to knock out the wall between the two and make the bathroom larger and add a linen closet to it.  we had no intentions of having other children, so we didn't care if we had a 2 bedroom house as long as i had a larger bathroom.  i'm almost positive that the minute we started seriously looking into this, we discovered that we were expecting a baby.  needless to say, the tiny room never became a bathroom extension, but a baby room.  it really is just big enough for a crib, a chair and a changing table.  it stayed that way until shortly after george was born.  she never slept in there, so it eventually became storage/toy room.  however, now it is corrina's very own bedroom.  it's not much, but she's so grateful to have it so she no longer has to share with both of her sisters and me most nights.

i remember panicking before kennedy was born because i couldn't see how we were going to fit in this house.  we did.  then came george and we still fit.  now, we're adding another member to our family and we will still fit (we'll fit longer if we have another girl). 

the size of our house no longer matters to me.  a whole lot of life is being lived in our house.  it's stained on our carpet and it's drawn on the walls in crayon.  there is a lot of fighting within these four walls, a lot of messes being made, there is sharing, debating, laughing, crying and more love than anything else.  i love this tiny house, not for what it is physically, but for everything that comes with living in it.

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