November 18, 2010

Our not-so-big night out

Last night was family reading night at corrina's school.  it's basically a book fair, but they are so good at making it so much more.  this year's theme was heroes.  we got to meet local heroes, color pictures, make crafts, pet service animals, play games and hear stories.

corrina tried on fire gear and george got cuffed by the state police (i had an eerie feeling this wouldn't be the last time).  we all had a pretty good time.  one thing i can say about the students and parents at corrina's school is that i'm impressed with the way everyone participates in events like this.  the school was packed.  i'm also impressed with the amount of work the faculty puts in to this night.  when we were ready to go home, we walked through the parking lot to see the live nativity complete with mules, camels and goats.  the kids loved it.

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