November 20, 2010


wow, seven years old, i'm not sure what to say.
it seems like just yesterday you were two, putting puzzles together on the floor. 

when you were 3, the doctor asked if you could count to 10, you gave it to her in english, spanish and french. 

when you were 4, you memorized whole books and made us believe you could read.

when you were 5, you picked up a magazine and read it to me.  sigourney weaver was on the cover and you pronounced it perfectly, proving to me that you can read.

when you were 6, you proved to us over and over than you weren't the typical kindergartner.

always my little know-it-all.  you amaze me with your intelligence everyday.
i only hope that i am succeeding in teaching you what is really important in life and that you exercise that knowledge.  that concept seems funny considering that it was you who taught me what is really important in life.

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