November 16, 2010

Treat Yourself Tuesday

I'm not sure than anything makes you feel like a better person than helping someone else.  i mentioned here that i started cleaning our toy room (what a task that was).  i also mentioned here my need to downsize.  this last week, i finally put both together and accomplished something.  i got rid of 6 bags of toys from our playroom (and 3 bags of trash, but that's not what is important).  

i mention this for a reason.  the first 2 bags, i gave to salvation army.  it wasn't anything big and the toys weren't in the best shape.  my husband suggested donating some toys to the local women's center for victims of domestic abuse.  that was something i had never considered, not for any particular reason, i just never thought of it.  so, i decided to pack up everything.  there were toys that have almost never been played with and toys that the kids have outgrown.  these toys were in great condition and i was saving them to sell at a yard sale...someday.  these are the toys i decided to bag up and send to the women's center.  i was amazed at how much they needed and appreciated these toys.  my husband took 2 bags in the morning and 2 in the afternoon  when he returned in the afternoon, she had already given away almost all of the toys we took that morning.  i can't tell you how good it felt to know that someone who really needed these toys were using them before i had even finished cleaning the room. 

so, what is the point of my story?  if you're looking for a place to donate items, maybe you should look up your local women's shelter.  most of these places aren't really obviously advertised, but i'm sure you can find a number listed or call your local police station, they can give you info on who to contact.

many of these women leave their home with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  many of them leave their jobs as well.  depending on the situation, a lot of these women basically are in hiding.  donations can be a wide variety of items from toys, women's clothing and children's clothing, personal items, furniture.  if you can imagine what you would need if you were starting your life over from scratch, you can come up with something someone needs. 

the upside for us: i feel as though i accomplished something good, i took care of a problem that has been bothering me for a while, i don't mind walking through that room anymore and our children are actually playing with the toys that are left.

this week (or month, or year), treat yourself by helping someone else.  donate something to your local women's shelter.

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  1. Love this! Great idea! I have some clothes that are piling up waiting on a Goodwill trip. Maybe I'll send them over to the womens center instead.


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