November 23, 2010

Treat Yourself Tuesday

this week, i am going to keep this simple.  thanksgiving in itself is hectic, not to mention this week kicks off an entire month of craziness, stress, lots of family and frantic money spending.  there is a good chance that your thanksgiving preparation will begin tomorrow night, followed by the actual event and, for some, that is followed by a day of shopping and crazy people.  so, my suggestion this week is to do NOTHING tonight.  put on a cozy pair of pajamas, pick out a movie, buy yourself a bottle of wine and relax.  drink the entire bottle.  i also suggest ordering your dinner.  you'll have enough cooking to do this week. 
later this week, i think you'll be happy that you took this time to yourself.  you may even thank me for suggesting it.  this may be the last time for a while that you are able to sit down and relax.  ENJOY! if i could, i would definitely be joining you for that bottle. 

are you going shopping friday?  do you have a routine you follow every year, do  you wing it, or is avoiding it your routine?

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  1. Black Friday is all about avoid, avoid, avoid. Although this year, I may be neglecting my rule and venturing out late afternoon to get some deals on my "school" clothes.


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