November 12, 2010

you capture: serenity

Yesterday was a day full of screaming, unhappy children who couldn't be calmed.  it was full of frustration because i feel like i have too much to do, because i have started jobs too big for me to finish alone and yet, i don't seem to be getting any help.  i felt panicky because i started a project with a deadline and i was pretty sure i'd never finish on time.  yesterday, i yelled, complained, cried, complained, worked, complained, shopped, complained. 
right in the middle of my complaining, my anger, my frustration and discontent, we took the kids to lunch on the river.  it was perfect, a break that was much needed.  it was almost...serene.

the weather was almost perfect and we were able to eat our meal outside
the kids were all so well behaved i thought maybe we have accidentally took the neighbor's kids

there was no complaining, yelling or crying
we watched the water, a few boats, a barge, some birds and skipped rocks
i think our new favorite thing to do on a nice day is to eat cheeseburgers on the river.

if i could truly have captured serenity, it would have been the way i felt when i came home from shopping and realized all the things my husband did while i was gone.  it was almost amazing and everything that i spent the day complaining about vanished.  that was truly the most serene moment of the day.

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  1. Looks like a sweet day! Great photos. :D

  2. Lovely. And wonderful of your man to pitch in and get things done!


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