December 30, 2010

A Cry for Help

I'm not going to lie.  when it comes to certain things, i am a  total mom failure.  one of these things includes fundraisers.  we always wait until the last minute and honestly, since i never leave my house, it's kind of hard to sell things to people.  finally, though, i am faced with a fundraiser that can be done without leaving the house!  since we totally failed at selling girl scout cookies this year (we sold like 60 boxes as opposed to last year's 200), i am asking for help with the new fundraiser for corrina's girl scout troop.  they are having a thirty-one fundraiser.  if you're not familiar with thirty-one,  they sell personalized handbags, totes, lunch totes, etc.

you can check them out and/or place an order here.  if you could find it in your heart (or pocketbook) to help the girls, it would be greatly appreciated.  all orders have to be placed before Jan 14.  if you place an order, please be sure to let me know so we can make sure the girls get the credit for it or you can send an email to the consultant, melanie hill at and let her know that your order is going to the girl scouts.  any participation is much appreciated.  if i can get a couple orders, maybe i can prove to myself and the girl scout leader that i'm not a total fundraiser failure!


  1. I'm not looking forward to fundraising for sports, clubs, and classes either...definitely not my cup of tea. ;)

    Best wishes.

  2. we are so bad at it. we can never remember. the sad thing is that we know enough people that we should be able to sell a ton of whatever we're selling. however, since we usually wait until the day before it's due, we don't. i'm definitely not looking forward to having 3 or 4 kids selling things at the same time.


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