December 3, 2010

Friday nights

Friday nights at our house consist of pizza.  usually homemade, but lately, ordered. tonight, i'm trying a new recipe for the crust.

Family. tonight we're watching Molly: An American Girl on the Homefront because Corrina recently finished reading all of the Molly books.

and snacks.tonight, we're having chocolate chip cookie bars topped with ice cream!

How are Friday nights at your house?  Any big plans?  Whatever your plans, I hope you're sharing your evening with someone special


  1. I remember Friday nights growing up in Gillespie. After dinner mom or dad would drop my sisters and I off at the Canna Theatre. For $3 we would get admission, popcorn and a drink. My older sister would sit with her 6th grade friends. Me, being too shy and awkward to make many friends my first year in a new town, sat with my little sister somewhere close up or where ever she wanted to sit. I didn't mind. I was glad I had someone to sit with :-)

    After the show let out, we would stand outside the theatre with the rest of the kids waiting for our parents to pick us up. If it was wintertime, we would walk around the corner to Art's Restaurant and meet my parents there for hot cocoa. If it was summertime, we would walk home. When we got older, the kids met at Roma's for pizza and a little hell raising.

  2. Wine, Cheeze-Its, The Polar Express and my poopie dogs. Now that I think about it, homemade pizza sounds pretty good.

  3. i miss roma's pizza. not the way it is now, but then!

    we've already hit our peak. it's 8:00 and most of the kids are in bed and the night's pretty much over. now, 8:00 is what 11:00 used to be. it's truly pathetic.
    i think i'll take a book to bed. i hate watching tv or looking for something to watch.

    megan, have a glass of wine for me. corrina has decided she needs braces and won't get off the subject. she. is. relentless.

  4. I miss the old Roma's too. Not that I get back to Gillespie often enough to dislike the new one....

    Our Friday nights end up being just like every other week night. It's pretty sad. Maybe as Kinley gets older we will make it more special and of a tradition.

    I was on a braces kick when I was younger too....they looked so cool!


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