December 4, 2010

A Christmas Miracle

Had i known about this before thanksgiving, i would have passed it on to you.  if i had, i might have saved Kristina C. a trip or two to her tequila stash.  that's right, kristina, instead of drinking your mother-in-law away, you could have eaten her away.  this wonderful new product is Whipped Lightning.  it is alcohol infused whipped cream or whipahol, if you will.

white lightning comes in 9 flavors, white chocolate raspberry, amaretto, spiced vanilla, tropical passion, coconut, strawberry colada, german chocolate, macadamia and cinnamon.  whipped lightning is about 18% alcohol, whereas a beer ranges from 3% to 10% depending on the brand, and wine is about 10%.  it costs about $10.00 a can, so only use it on special occasions.

i don't often drink anything that has whipped cream on top.  whipped cream on a drink means that it's meant for lightweights (sorry if i offend), not for me.  however, if there was booze in the whipped cream, i may totally change my outlook on these drinks. 

what can i do with this?  well, if i weren't expecting, mommy would need whipped cream on her morning coffee, whipped cream on her lunchtime smoothie, whipped cream on dessert at dinner, and whipped cream on her hot chocolate before bed.  man, where was this stuff a thousand years ago when i worked at steak 'n shake?

you could use it for any of those things, you can use it in cocktails, you can go trashy college student and suck it right out of the can.  how many of those kids get drunk and take a can of whipped cream to the bedroom?  now, you can start sober and get drunk as you go.  this stuff is turning the world upside down!

you can check out the website for recipes.  there, you can also see where it is available.  mind you, it isn't available everywhere.  maybe they would be interested  in hosting a giveaway right here on the drunken housewife.  that would be great for christmas, whipped lightning!

what are your thoughts on alcohol infused whipped cream?  have you tried any of the flavors?  could it be as promising (and frightening)as bacon flavored vodka?


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