December 14, 2010

Online shopping-a shut in's dream!

Yesterday, i questioned whether or not instant gratification is a good thing.  i mentioned online shopping in that post.  the fact that today, i'm going to sing the praises of online shopping should prove to you that i don't know what the hell i'm talking about or doing. 

i am pretty much done with my christmas shopping, and i have only made one trip out of my house since the beginning of december.  have i mentioned i'm one step (or two) away from becoming j.d. salinger?  before you get all worked up, no, i'm not referring to his writing.  anyway, that one trip was to return items that didn't fit.  so, the upside to shopping online?  it is so much easier to keep track of what i'm buying and how much i'm spending when i do it online.  i've kept a notebook handy to write down my purchases and their prices.  i've been able to keep track of who gets what as i'm buying the gifts.  i'm not shuffling through 10,000 receipts or losing 5,000 of them.  i have lists of what i bought sitting neatly in my inbox.  i don't have to go through 20,000 bags sitting in the back of my van.  that makes me sound way more organized than i actually am.
also, i absolutely hate shopping.  the only thing i like about shopping is getting it done quickly so i can enjoy my margarita lunch, which may or may not turn into an afternoon snack and dinner.  since that's not a possibility this year, i am glad to leave out trips to the mall, constantly going in and out of cold weather, dealing with unobservant assholes who run me over, and assholes who are inevitably out coughing and sneezing all over the place.
lastly, most places have pretty good deals on shipping or even offer free shipping.  i don't think i spent anymore on shipping than i would have on gas or eating out had i actually left my house. 

as for the downside of shopping online, i have been bombarded with boxes that i can't open in front of anyone, which are piling up on our back porch.  that's right, folks, there's probably close to $1,000 worth of merchandise sitting on my back porch.  don't rush, i'll have brought it in before you can make it over to steal it.  i intend to attack that tower of boxes with wrapping paper tonight. 
the other downside is that some companies still use styrofoam peanuts when packing their boxes. 

having said all that, i do feel like i missed out on a little something by shopping online this year.  a little holiday cheer is missing from my soul.  however, i'm sure i saved myself from at least a headache, maybe a fight, and probably a cold or flu.

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