December 13, 2010

Remember when...

Yesterday, ken wanted to watch frosty the snowman, so i pulled out the dvd and put it in for her.  the other girls weren't interested in it at all.  it made me think about being a kid, and how we had to wait to watch christmas specials on tv.  one time a year, not one hundred.  we were always home on those nights (not that we ever really went anywhere) and enjoyed our one chance to watch those yearly specials.  those days are gone.  we no longer need to check the tv guide (do they even still make them?) and make sure we're home.  thanks to technology, we have these things at our fingertips whenever we want them.

i had to wonder, is all this instant gratification really gratifying?  wasn't anticipation half the fun?  isn't that what made things special and memorable?  i remember when it snowed when i was a kid, we still had to get up in the morning, start getting ready for school, listen to the radio and hope that school would be canceled.  now, we know before we go to bed at night, because the school's automated system calls my cell phone with a message.  kids no longer have to wait for those special nights to watch christmas specials.  thanks to dvd, and abc family, they can pretty much watch them whenever they want.  even adults no longer need to leave the house and join the holiday hustle and bustle, because we can do all of our shopping online.

what are we losing?  i don't really have an answer that i can type.  i just have the feeling that instant gratification can't be healthy, especially for children.  what are they learning when they no longer have to wait for things?  what is really exciting for children these days?  what can i do to change things in my house?  these questions and concerns go way past christmas, these are just a few examples.  perhaps these are a few of the questions whose answers actually aren't right at our fingertips. i don't think there are many of them left.

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  1. I've become one of those 'back when I was a kid' people, too. I don't even have kids yet. Boy are they gonna be in for it!

    I know there are some things that I will not change. My kids will not have a tv in their room. A computer will be in a common area for them to use (and share). If we have kids close in age, they will share a car, if they even get one when they are sixteen. (We'll have to see about activities and jobs and such, first). We will wait until 'Back to School' and 'Day after Christmas' sales to get new clothes and shoes - that's something worth waiting for. And if we have two kids of the same sex, you bet the younger one will be wearing hand-me-downs and our first baby will be clothed in clothes my friends have ALREADY set aside for us. (I take that as a hint.) I think you can still incorporate some events no matter how small. You can't exactly predict when the ice cream man will come rolling down the street, can you :-)


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