December 16, 2010

tell me what you really think, it's ok, i'm pregnant

it's not often that steve and i agree on things.  if i think something is annoying, inappropriate or just wrong, he usually acts like i am overreacting.  in the same manner, i tend to think things he thinks are a big deal aren't.  however, today, he was saying that he doesn't understand why people feel the need to comment on our private lives and think it's ok because we're having a baby.  i thought it was funny because i had touched on  this earlier.

his complaint is with people speculating on the sex of our baby.  he says he's tired of people telling him that he wants a boy or saying things like "surely, this one will be a boy", or just stating that this one will be a boy (like the baby won't count if it's another girl).  this is when i told him my thoughts (about others' thoughts) on our home or our sleeping arrangements.  it is amazing what people think they are allowed to say just because there's a baby on the way.  i doubt anyone would come out and say "gee, i bet you wish your 2 year old had been a boy, huh?" or be so quick to bring up the size of our house in regards to the family we already have.  it would be rude to say those things if we weren't expecting, but nobody thinks it's rude now.  steve and i find it amazing.

the truth is, we really couldn't care less what the sex of the baby is.  it doesn't matter to us at all.  it makes no difference to us where the baby will sleep.  we'll make do with what we have and what we have is a wonderful family and a whole lot of love.  we don't put a lot of stock in material things or things that we have no control over.  what matters to us is that our new baby, as well as our other babies, are happy, healthy and know how much we love them.  that is what we think is important.

on the 22nd, we go for an ultrasound and if we want, we can find out the sex of the baby.  we have been debating over whether or not we want to know.  that would be the best way to show people that it doesn't matter to us. however, the girls are so anxious to know.  we have until then to decide.


  1. I have been proud to know you for many years reading this makes me even more proud you are a wonderful mother and a truly great woman. and to the question people like to make there thought known to just to let people know they can think maybe Merry Christmas

  2. Found your blog via the Linky on Steph's site.
    I feel the same way. When I was pregnant with our 2nd child (we've got 2 boys) and we found out we were having another boy I was ecstatic! A little brother for my big boy. :) But I think i would have been just as ecstatic if we had been told we were having a girl.
    Our family is perfect for us. No family is quite like another. Isn't that what makes the world such an amazing place?

  3. Oh I know this well! ... having 3 boys and then a girl- I don't think we'll ever be through with hearing what people think about that! And, we live in a small house- about 1200 sq ft. People wonder when we're going to move to a bigger house. Everyone has a spot to sleep, and also I always know where they all are. I love our house. :)


  4. Oh goodness can I relate! People say such crazy things. I try to tell myself it is just their effort to make conversation, they really aren't aware of how their comments might sound. We just had our sixth baby (well, 7 months ago) and we live in a 3 bedroom house. People ask about when we are moving all the time. Sure we would love to have a bigger house, but it is not responsible to do that right now. Kids are small, they don't need a ton of space. And if/when we move, they will still share rooms anyway!

    Congratulations on your growing family!

  5. Vanessa, you're right. i think my family is perfect no matter what.

    steph and nicole, i am so glad i'm not the only one who has her family crammed in a small house and doesn't feel bad about it. steph, i think our house is about the same size. maybe, actually a little smaller.
    i love it. i think when we do buy a new house (which will probably be in the next couple years), i don't want a huge house. another small house would suit me, as long as it's in bettere shape!


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