December 19, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I have been a busy little bee making this and making that for my homemade Christmas.  I haven't had the time to make as many things as I wanted to or to blog about what I have made.  It turns out that when you have 4 kids (one of which is under a year old), these things are kind of difficult. 

So, here are the Christmas shirts that I made for the aforementioned 4 children.  They each picked what they wanted and I set to work on them. 

The day I took these pictures, Stella got her first tooth.  It actually turned out to be 2 teeth at the same time.  She is the happiest teething baby I have ever seen!

George amazes me.  She can go from a screaming fit to this in about half a second.  She can also go from being a HUGE pain in the rear end to saying the sweetest things any kid has ever said.  It kind of scares me.

Poor Kennedy had a cold the day these were taken.  Her poor little nose was so red.  It was also impossible for her to sit still and get her picture taken.

I don't know why, but it seems to be impossible for me to get a decent picture of Corrina indoors.  The lighting is always awful.  It could be a combination of my lack of photographic ability and the altitude I am at when I take her picture.

Here's what happens when I try to get a picture of all them. 

Oh well, maybe next time.

December 14, 2011

In Sync

When Infantino sent me their Sync Carrier, I was a little skeptical.  I had never used any kind of wrap before.  Just looking at it made me a little nervous.  After watching the instructional video and practicing a couple times, I was ready to try it with Stella.  I highly recommend watching videos.  I live in a small town.  It's hard to find another baby wearer, let alone an expert to hold instructional workshops.  I have relied on YouTube to learn to use all of my baby carriers. 

I only used the Sync for a front, facing in hold.  It was fairly easy and very comfortable.  All of the weight was equally distributed and the large area covered by the wrap contributed to the comfort.  After a while, though, Stella seemed to sag a little and I never could get her quite tight enough or high enough.  Perhaps more practice will remedy that. 

Normally, I use a ring sling or a structured carrier when I wear Stella.  I do prefer those to the wrap, mostly because they are easy to use and I can get them on quickly when we're out.  Also, the color/pattern on the Sync leave a lot to be desired (it's true, I am a little vain).  All in all, though, the Sync Carrier isn't bad.  I'd prefer to use it with a newborn baby and wish it wasn't so loud.  It is very comfortable. 

You can learn more about the Sync Carrier here and watch the instructional video here.  They are available for purchase at Amazon
You can find Infantino on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.

December 13, 2011

Still Counting

Last week wasn't a very busy one as far as Christmas activities go.  Here's what we found in our advent calendar last week.

December 6-Make Christmas crayons

We are making these to give away as treats in school and to kids at Christmas parties.

December 7-Download a new book to read

We downloaded The Polar Express on my Nook and read it together.  I love my Nook and it's great for kids who want to sit and read quietly alone.  Reading together as a family?  It's not so great.  It really takes away from the whole experience.  Lesson learned.  Nothing compares to a book with big, beautiful pictures!

December8-Watch Christmas specials on TV

December 9-Read 2 Chapters of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

December 10-Decorate Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas tree

I took the day to do a little Christmas shopping with my mom and aunt.  Steve took the girls to his mom and dad's to put up and decorate their Christmas tree.

December 11-Make Christmas Ornaments

I have never made salt clay ornaments before.  Some of them turned out OK.  Some of them should probably be done over.  We had to save the decorating for another day, though.

How are your Christmas preparations coming? 

December 7, 2011


I need to remember...

that 3 and 4 year olds don't understand the stress of motherhood.

they don't understand why one minute i complain that they have an entire room full of toys that they never play with, then ask them to stop dragging every toy they own out to play with.

it is ridiculous to expect 4 children to be hungry (or thirsty or have to pee) at the same time.

there was a time when i hated everything my mother suggested i wear to school.

that no one knows that i need help unless i ask.

that those i depend on to keep me sane have others who depend on them as well.

how well i do my job isn't determined by how clean my house is.

it's ok to take time for myself.

it's ok to be silly and make messes.

there are 4 girls who need me to be the best i can be.

December 5, 2011

Counting Down

In the past, we filled our advent calendar with sweet treats for the kids.  The more kids we have, the harder it is to fit enough candy/treats in those little doors.  This year, we have decided to skip the candy.  I hate giving it to the kids, it doesn't fit in the doors and it suggests a complete lack of imagination.  Instead of candy, we have put a card behind each number with an activity that we can do as a family.  I love this idea for so many reasons.  It ensures that we get much needed time together every day and it organizes our Christmas schedule. 

This is what we've had so far:

December 1-attend a World AIDS day memorial service

my husband is the president of a local AIDS task force.  This is an annual thing, but it was my first time attending.

December 2-Family movie night with treats.

We watched The Santa Clause 2 (or we at least attempted to) and snacked on popcorn and ice cream. 

December 3-Make a reindeer craft

December 4-Read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas with Dad

I was gone most of the day, so they had some special dad time. 

December 5-Read 2 chapters in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Who doesn't love to hear about the shenanigans of those Herdmans?

What's in your advent calendar?

December 2, 2011

Perfect Imperfection

This year, our Christmas is going to be as simple as possible.  I am kind of loving our construction paper decorations, homemade Christmas shirts and tree with most of the ornaments hanging off the bottom.  If you don't live in this house, these things probably seem pretty tacky and unattractive, but to me, it's perfect. 

Job loss has forced us to get creative with our Christmas preparations.  Most gifts will be homemade. I'm looking forward to making gifts with the girls.  Toys will be battery free.  This has to do with more than saving money.  I am really tired of blinky lights and noises.  Not only are they annoying, but I firmly believe they are stealing the imaginations of children.

I'm looking forward to spending more time with my family, listening to Christmas music, reading books and baking.  This may just be our best Christmas ever!

December 1, 2011

the people who make it special

I've really been slacking on the posting lately.  I've been trying to unplug a bit and spend a bit more time actually living my life.  We seem to be enjoying ourselves a little more because of it.

Our Thanksgiving break was a good one.  I really didn't want it to end.  I'm looking forward to Christmas break. Remind me I said that when I'm screaming for the kids to go back to school the day after Christmas.

I hope your Thanksgiving was spent with the people you love who make life special.


November 26, 2011

Around Our House

Taking a cue from Stephanie, I thought I'd share a few of the things that we've been doing around our house.

What we've been making:

push up cake pops

lots of baby food

pine cone bird feeders

christmas decorations

turkey shirts

What we've been reading:

What we've been watching:

What's going on at your house?

November 23, 2011


It has been cold and rainy all week.

We've spent a lot of time inside playing games.

as always, you ca find more pictures of blue at

November 22, 2011

piecing it together

I have been working so very hard on this puzzle.  It's never ending.  I rearrange the pieces when they don't look right.  I give pieces away.  Sometimes I have to remove a piece permanently or cut away at it to make it fit.  Sometimes I have extra.  Sometimes, not enough. 

So many people focus so hard on their own piece that all they can see are the imperfections.  The blurred lines of the picture, the rough edges.  They will never see where their piece fits into the bigger picture.  They will never appreciate the entire puzzle.  They will, however use that small fraction to judge the whole. 

Only those who watch me work it daily get a glimpse of the finished product.  Even then, there are pieces missing.  As much as I hate to, I can't help looking at the puzzles others are working on.  All I can see are pieces, but I notice their colors are more brilliant than mine, their lines clearer, their edges smoother.  I have to fight the urge to tear up the whole thing and start over.

linking up with heather

November 21, 2011

My Bug

Corrina turned eight yesterday.  We had a very busy weekend of celebrating. 

Friday night, we made these. 

Saturday, she had a birthday party at the local bowling alley.  Afterward, she got to have a friend spend the night.  It was her first sleepover.

Yesterday, we took her to lunch, then had Steve's family over for cake.
It was a homemade cake.  We had a hard time finding birthday candles. 
We had to settle for 6 mismatched candles and a number 2 candle. 
It was pretty ghetto, but she didn't mind.  She's a trooper.


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