January 14, 2011

A Week In Review-Kind Of

What a week it's been.  we've had TWO snow days.  yes, i hoped, i wished, i asked for one, but two?  that's just kind of mean.  so, corrina was in school yesterday, only goes for like 3 hours today and is home until tuesday.  i wonder how many times i will have to hear her say "i'm boorred" "i don't want to do that, it's booorring".  i'm a grown up.  my imagination only goes so far.  i would assume that when you are 7, you can come up with something to do on your own.  this just doesn't seem to be the case with her.  then again, it is possible that she's just trying to drive me insane and my reaction to "i'm booorred" actually is her entertainment. 

well, at least there's a birthday party in the middle of the weekend and i promised to take her shopping and get her ears pierced on monday.  this is something her father objects to because she's only 7 and he's sure that this will lead to other body piercings, tattoos and delinquency by the time she's 15.   you know, kind of like her mother (but, naturally, we don't discuss me very much. it's better to pretend that i've always been a lame fat lady who never leaves the house).  oh, and by the way, i didn't really become a delinquent until i was 18.  at that point it's no longer delinquency, is it? 

in other news, my husband is trying to make me leave the house today.  he suggests that i go to the grocery store (because that is my duty as a housewife), then maybe go to the library or take my book to lunch, and come back in time to make dinner for them (apparently, also my duty as a housewife).  i don't know, a margarita lunch doesn't sound so appealing sans margaritas.  besides, the mexican waiters are kind of mean to me now that they're not trying to get me drunk and steal my organs.  oh well, i suppose i could do something. 

i ordered some new sweat pants (are they even called that any more) because my old ones seem to have developed holes in unflattering places.  i also ordered a bathing suit.  i did this with the intention of wearing them to the gym (which i will eventually join).  winter is killing me.  i need to get out of my house.  i need to see other people.  i need to get some exercise.  i know i'm pregnant and i'm supposed to gain weight, but seriously, i don't think pregnancy is supposed to turn my rear into a shelf.  you can actually walk behind me and rest a drink or a plate or even a small child back there.  i'm considering covering my backside with a table cloth and trying to get a job in a restaurant.  perhaps while i'm out today, i should swing by the gym and unwillingly pay them my money (because i have become a cheapskate, or frugal if you you will, and i can't decide if a gym membership is something i'm ok with paying for). 

by the way, apparently, i am no longer a cancer, but a gemini.  i'm not really sure why this matters or when this happened.  i just happened to notice that a lot of people seem to be discussing it.  now, i'm left to wonder who am i really?
how was your week?  do you better job at entertaining your kids on snow days than i do? 
do you think 7 is too young to get your ears pierced?
also, do you think it's better to hide your mistakes from your children or be honest with them? 


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  2. Umm...laughing hysterically about the job at a restaurant comment.
    In my opinion, pierce the ears and keep quiet about your indiscretions until the time is right. That is my plan.

  3. megan, that's a good practice. ears are hard to hide, though. i just told him that he knew nothing about being a 7 yr old girl, therefore, i win!
    about a year ago, i may or may not have been involved in a little mishap involving our van, causing a large part of the plastic shield of the undercarriage to break off. that is something i was able to keep hidden until today! luckily, it's been so long that he was satisfied with "i know it's broken. i ran over something large and alive. i thought i told you. you're lucky i'm still alive". apparently, this is an acceptable answer. a year ago, though, it wouldn't have been! I totally support hiding things until the time is right!

  4. I, too, laughed out loud while reading this. The jeans comment about holes in unflattering places is something I can recently relate too. I had two pair of jeans for the last year. (Go me or pathetic? I'm not sure.) I ripped the first pair in the crotch before the holidays when we were moving. I ripped the second pair, also in the crotch, 3 weeks later. I'm pulling the unfair card. Why in the hell can't I rip my jeans in the knee like I did - within a month of getting them - as a kid?!? I'm glad someone else can relate :-)

    About the ear piercing: I say 7 is a good age. I don't understand the piercing of baby ears, but I don't gasp in horror at those who choose to do this. My friend - who is a grandma - told her son, when he had his daughter, that he had better not let his wife pierce the babies ears. It is her belief (and what she practiced with her own daughter) that ear piercing is a right of passage into your teen years and 13 is a great time to have this done. I think by getting her ears pierced at 7, you are splitting the difference.

    She is the oldest and might feel a bit neglected or what-not because of having so many younger siblings. This may be a way to remind her that she is an individual. If she feels pretty with pierced ears, then so be it!

  5. I forgot to mention that there is no way in hell I will let my kids know of my mischievous behavior in my youth. And for that matter, I hope they take after their father ;-)


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