January 6, 2011

You Capture-The Year's Best

Here are my 10 favorite pictures from 2010

they may be pictures you've seen before.

i tried to look for some that i haven't shown before.

then i realized that i had shown these because they're my favorites.

so, i hope you enjoy this recap.

this year, i vow to take more pictures of things other than the girls.

but i will still take just as many pictures of them.

because they're cute.

but there will be pictures of other things too.

i promise.

until then, you'll have to suffer through pictures of my children!

you can find more 2010 bests at




  1. You have gorgeous children. Thanks for sharing your best photos. They are great!

  2. you have such pretty children, love the pictures. i think my favorite is the chicken chasing one!

  3. I love the balck and white shot of all three of your girls!

  4. Adorable shots! I love the one with the chicken, made me laugh!

  5. I'm also a fan of the one with the chicken! Such cute shots -- who wouldn't want to be photographing them all the time? ;)

  6. I wouldn't call it "suffering" ever. Nice pics. The first one is my fave.

  7. Thanks, everyone! the chicken is my favorite either. she couldn't understand why the chicken would run from her. she only wanted to be friends!

  8. The black and white picture of the three of them reminds me of a photo they will look back on years from now. It is such a great picture of all of them! The middle one looks very mature :)


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