April 5, 2011

Limited Options

Yesterday, I was sitting at the hospital, having a non-stress test when I realized how much I am not looking forward to having my baby there.  The nurse was asking me 10,000 questions about my home, plans for the birth and plans for after the baby is born.  It seemed silly and pointless and I started to wish that my husband was the kind of guy who would be open to home birth or that there was an alternative to a hospital birth in my area. 

I love my doctor, she's absolutely wonderful, but there are so many things that I don't like about hospitals.  First of all, why do I have to be hooked up to a monitor and an have an IV pumping fluid into my body the whole time I'm in labor?  This makes it difficult to do what I need to do to deal with the pain.  Can't I just stay hydrated by drinking water?  Are the fluids really necessary?  What am I allowed to refuse and will I be able to do it without being reprimanded by the staff?

This brings me to my second point-the staff.  I realize that most of them have been doing their jobs for a while and that they are well trained and knowledgeable.  I respect that and I respect what they do.  I only wish that respect was always mutual.  Every time I have a baby, there is always one nurse who has a huge problem (and is very verbal) with our choice to not vaccinate our children.  It always leaves me checking the baby for needle marks. 

Here are some other things I'm not looking forward to: 
-being stuck in the hospital after having the baby instead of being able to come home and get in my own bed when I'm ready
-being made to read materials and watch movies on how to take care of a baby
-keeping the baby in the scratchy hospital gowns instead of in her own clothes.
-having people feel they should take the baby and let me rest
-feeling obligated to take all of the crap they want to send home with me and I won't use (formula samples, coupons for diapers and stretch mark cream)

Ideally, I would give birth in a place that I am absolutely comfortable being in, with knowledgeable staff members who respect my decisions and experience as a mother.  I would also love to be able to stay as long as I need/want and no longer than I choose, and I would ultimately have the final say in my treatment without feeling like I'm doing something wrong.  I really wish I would have put more thought into this earlier and done some research.

Where did you give birth?  If it was in the hospital, were you comfortable being there?  Are you comfortable refusing treatment from medical professionals? 


  1. Oh, Brandi. You picked the wrong girl to have seen this post today. I gave birth to my fourth daughter under extreme duress because I refused to have a c-section. I can't tell you how many women said to me, "They're going to let you try for a VBAC?" I took to saying, "Well, I haven't exactly been asking for their permission. It is my body, after all." I had a successful VBAC, but it was a nightmare. Since then, I've attended a home birth (AMAZING) and two midwife-attended hospital births. It's actually never too late to do what you want, and I encourage you to never, ever allow the "they won't let me" as in, "They won't let me not be monitored 24/7" or "they won't let me not have a pic line inserted." You actually have complete control over that, but, you're right, it's pretty damn difficult in a hospital environment. Go with your insincts, girl. You'll never, ever regret that.

  2. i gave birth in a hospital and can't say it was the best experience. since my water had broken i wasnt allowed to walk around or get out of bed to help me deal with the pain (i really wanted to try for a natural birth). there was no encouragment to do belly breathing or get on all fours, or anything that i now know wouldve helped. i felt pressured to get the epidural which i did eventually get. then i had an episiotomy which my dr knew i didnt want unless was completely necessary but the stupid on call dr did not. he did not do the best job! it took FOREVER to heal. my next baby i am DEFINITELY using a birthing center instead of a hosp!!!

  3. I delivered both of my daughters in local hospitals and had pleasant experiences on both occasions. I know this is not the case for everyone, but I have no problems with hospitals, personally. If I were to have another one (but I'm not) I would be fine with the hospital.


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