May 27, 2011

In a Perfect World

Have you heard about my new non-profit?  I'm thinking of calling it Moms 4 Showers.  It will be our goal to somehow insure that every mother is guaranteed at least one uninterrupted shower a day, complete with time to wash your hair AND shave your legs.  Here at M4S, we believe that every person deserves a shower.  Showers are no longer just for men and single people!  We are working hard to raise tomorrow's doctors, teachers, presidents, criminals and musicians, so why do we have to fight so hard for what we deserve?  Mothers unite!  Stand up and DEMAND your daily shower!  If we can band together and accomplish this goal, we can accomplish anything-like putting an end to pony tails or getting a regularly scheduled day off!


  1. wait, did you say that i could shower AND shave my legs? oh, the luxury!!!! love this. have a great weekend!!

  2. HAHAHA LOVE this post -- amen!!! And you have my full support for your cause!

  3. HaHaHaHaHa!!!!!! This brings back memories...

  4. it can be done ladies...somehow!


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