May 10, 2011

On Turning Four

Today, Kennedy turns 4. 
I have to say, she is probably the sweetest, most sensitive and loving little girl ever.

She is our little mother.  She takes care of everyone and everything.  She is absolutely smitten with her new sister and wants so badly to be able to take care of her.  She loves to cook and help clean and nurses her baby dolls. 

She loves to watch movies.  Peter Pan is her favorite.  She has an imagination that doesn't quit.  I never know what we'll be doing or who we'll be playing with.  I try not to act too surprised and be supportive when she very seriously tells me that lime stew is her favorite food or when she pretends to deliver babies from her dolls. 

For Kennedy, there is always time to stop and pick flowers.

Happy birthday, Kennedy.  I hope you will always find the world as magical as you do now.

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