May 26, 2011

One Whole Month

Wow. I can't believe that Stella is a month old today.  So, how are we adjusting to change in the Pohlman household?  For the most part, things haven't changed much.  Stella is an easy baby to take care of.  She sleeps at night and she only cries when she's hungry (which is almost always).  I think she needs to make up for the time she was asleep, so some days, it seems like all I do is nurse her.  I'm OK with that, though.  She's just so sweet and cuddly!

As for the kids, they are all on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to how they feel about their new sister.  Corrina likes her well enough.  She's kind of indifferent.  Kennedy is absolutely smitten with her.  She spends all day hovering over her trying to take care of her.  George, however, is a different story.  She's having a very hard time.  George has always been demanding and needy and now that there is somebody new cutting in on her time, she isn't taking it very well.  She is slowly getting better, though.  Some days, though, it seems like all I do is take deep breaths and count to ten...or 50...or 100.  It is a good thing that as our family grows, so does my patience. 

Compared to the madness after George was born, things are pretty calm and uneventful around here.  Dare I say...almost easy?  I know I'm probably jinxing myself by saying that.  I am also aware that as a result of writing this, Stella is almost guaranteed to stop being content and stop sleeping at night.  I'll have to risk it, though because I can't just stop bragging about her!


  1. she's just beautiful! what is it about pouty baby lips and little cheekies that makes me want to jump my husband right this minute and plan for baby #2? in a bad, bad way.. might i add! glad to hear everyone is adjusting as well as can be! have a great day!

  2. Thanks, Ashley! Go ahead and have #2. It's so worth it!


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