June 16, 2011

When Life Hands You Lemons

A while back, I was reading a post that someone had written about her Mother's Day gift.  She was upset over how little thought her husband had put into it.  She liked what he had bought, but thought he could do better.  This is something I can relate to.  My husband buys some of THE WORST gifts.  Seriously.  Sure, there have been a few good surprises, pearls for Valentine's Day, Chanel No.5 in my Christmas stocking, but those are few and far between.

As I was reading this post, I was almost green with envy that her husband had bought her plants, which she felt it was a totally thoughtless gift.  I completely understood and felt for her, and I was so tempted to share with her what my husband bought me.  I could have made her husband look like a hero, but I didn't.  Some things just shouldn't leave your house.  I'm sure nobody would believe me anyway. 

So, here is some advice I'd like to share about receiving awful gifts.  First, try not to look disappointed, disbelieving or disgusted.  This is hard to do.  I still need LOTS of practice at this.  Second, give your husband a list.  Be very specific, and don't forget to include where and how he can buy it.  This has worked for me in the past.  Third, if your list didn't work and your gift is still awful, buy your own gift.  After a while, you can really convince yourself that he bought it.  Fourth, don't pay him back for his bad judgment.  He wasn't trying to be malicious when he bought you the gift, and you never should be when buying him a gift.  Lastly, go ahead and buy him something awesome and say nothing about it.  If you're the kind of couple who keeps score, this can totally come in handy when you want something big!

This year, I replaced my mother's day gift with this.

Soon, hopefully the memory will also be replaced.  If not, we will always have something to laugh about.  Case in point-my 25th birthday.

Steve: I made your gift for you.  I thought it would be more meaningful than a store bought gift.
Me:  oh, really? I can't wait to see it (thinking what kind of crap is this?)
Steve:  you know how I always call you bunny cup?
Me:  No
Steve: Well, I do.
Me:  You have never called me that
Steve: i call you that all the time
Me:  No you don't.  What does this have to do with my gift?
Steve:  I made you a bunny cup!
(hands me a Styrofoam cup with button eyes and nose, a yarn bunny mouth and whiskers, construction paper ears and Easter grass hair.)

I kid you not.  This actually happened.  That was still better than this year's Mother's Day gift!

What is the worst gift you ever received?


  1. :) Now the bunny cup takes the cake! I like your idea about the list. I think that I may use that option next time. Or just order my gift myself and tell him that it's coming and he can wrap it or something. Save myself the sad, poor-poor pitiful me feeling. I have got to hear about your mother's day gift. It was worse than the bunny cup? hahaha

  2. My husband has done a pretty good job buying gifts for me. I have made lists on my blog the last couple of years, for gift-giving occasions. And he uses the list. But not always the way I would like. He bought me a circle of love bracelet from the Vintage Pearl last year. I specified on my blog post that I wanted our names and anniversary on it. You know, because it is customizable. But he didn't read that part. So he had "faith hope love" stamped on it. The "most generic thing he could think of," in his words! Kind of defeated the purpose of a custom bracelet. But I still wear it every day.

  3. joy, i have even cut pictures out of a magazine for him so he couldn't screw it up! that worked well. it would be nice to not have to put so much though and work into my own gifts, but it's something i've accepted. i still have the bunny cup somewhere. it's missing a couple pieces! maybe someday i'll share what my real gift was!
    nicole, you're very lucky! i don't think my husband even reads my blog. he thinks i should just tell him what it says and save him the trouble!

  4. I don't think I've ever gotten a bad gift but I have gotten a bad card. I believe it was my birthday and Andrew got me a card. For a little kid. A boy, to be more specific. And he didn't sign it. At the time I was kind of disappointed but looking back it makes me laugh. For holidays now, I tell him what I want and bookmark it online. This past Christmas I actually picked it out. But at least I got what I wanted!


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