July 14, 2011

The Essence of Summer

Oh, the sights you see in the summertime in Illinois.  I was fortunate enough to have dinner with my friend Cheryl Saturday night.  We took a trip to the mighty Mississip.  It was HOT.  I took my camera, just knowing I'd capture the essence of summertime.  As it turns out, I only captured the shadier, slightly skeevy side of summer.

A pool you couldn't pay me to get into

Old guy in a Speedo

Shark boat

Cheers! From the tipsy fat lady!

You can find better more pictures of summertime at


  1. love the shot of the pool, that is delightfully fun to look at!

  2. OMG...love the shark boat...that is to funny...is that a body in the mouth? I thought you found those strange sights in Florida.

  3. Funny! Your pictures made me laugh- but they're also great summer shots.

  4. That shark boat is just too hilarious!

  5. Love the shark boat! What fun post!


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