August 24, 2011

A Fresh Start

It's been a busy week around here with school starting and soccer starting and ordinary routines begging not to be ignored. 
Corrina started the 2nd grade.  I can't seem to get over the fact that I am the mother of a second grader!  It doesn't seem that long ago that I was in the 2nd grade and starting a new school.  It just doesn't seem possible, is. 
She has so many expectations for this school year and I can't help but be excited right along with her.  I hope her enthusiasm lasts for a while. 

My husband and I got to go on a date last week!  He took me to dinner, then we went to a church picnic for a while (i will not complain about this last part. it's hard though).  When it started to rain, we took refuge under the band tent where my husband kept crowding, breathing on and dripping beer on an old lady.  Last night, I walked in to the 2nd grade parent meeting and realized that lady is Corrina's teacher.  Excellent start to the school year.  Note to self:  Even though the children aren't around, you should probably still watch what you say and try not to talk like a sailor.  OOPS.

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