September 26, 2011

Picking and Choosing

Our little house got shaken to the core late last week.  My husband works 2 jobs so that I can sit at home and play on the Internet all day.  Last week, he lost one of those jobs, as well as our insurance and almost half of our income.  So, today, we are asking ourselves some very serious questions. 

It seems as though everything in our lives is being sorted into wants and needs.  Do we need food?  Yes.  Does it have to come from a restaurant?  No.  Do we need a car?  Yes.  Should it cost almost as much as our mortgage?  No.  Do Kennedy and Georgia need to go to preschool.  Probably not, but it's good for them and the only negative we can come up with is the cost, so preschool stays.  Do we need TV?  In our house, there are probably 5 different answers to that question.  Can we get by with fewer channels?  Absolutely.  Will it be good for us?  Undoubtedly.  Does mommy need margaritas?  Yes.  Do they have to be served by Mexicans?  No.  They will probably be just as good served at home by my husband. 

It's interesting sorting through our life this way.  It's interesting to think that 2 weeks ago, most of the nos would have been yeses and the yeses would have been nos.

What is the first thing you would give up to save money?  What is something you would keep no matter what?


  1. I'm sorry for the job loss. That is very tough. My husband was laid off a few years ago. It was scary. We were prepared financially, at least somewhat, but it was still tough.

    Eating out was definitely the first thing to go. We kept our cable and Netflix though, because we knew we wouldn't be going out for entertainment as much.

  2. netflix is a must! i changed our tv package to a "family" package, though. this means that there is never a shortage of the waltons or little house on the prairie on our television!


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