October 3, 2011


We finally had Stella baptized yesterday. 
Yes, she is 5 months old and her parents are slackers

my very cute (and pregnant) sister-in-law is her godmother.

 We even got together for a family picture. 
Please note that nobody has their finger in their nose. 
Also note that the 7 year old next to me is almost as tall as I am.
She also seems to think she's posing for a picture of only her.

Afterward, we all went to my house for lunch.
For the first time ever, I didn't make a single bit of the lunch.
I bought it all and I don't feel bad about it.
Stella likes her Uncle Andy...a lot!

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  1. I love Corrina's pose! And the picture of Stella and Andrew is adorable. It also makes me think that in a few months he's going to look too cute with a baby in his arms :)


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