October 27, 2011

My life is full of cute

Most of the cute in my life can't be captured. 

Here are some ordinary things happening around the house this week.

Georgia and Kennedy liked eachother for a minute

Georgia rocked her favorite sweater

Stella celebrated her half birthday

6 months has flown by

We made these tiny candy corn sugar cookies

they're so small and so good!

i made a sorry attempt at getting a picture with all of my girls

as always, you can find more cute pictures at


  1. I love their names! And I hate candy corn, but a sugar cookie is something else entirely. Cute! Lovely girls, all of you!

  2. Cute post. The first photo is my favorite. I love little girls liking each other - even if it's only for a minute.

  3. nicole-i hate candy corn too. luckily, these only look like candy corn!

  4. Great photos - I find it so hard trying to get a 'group' photo, there's always one looking the wrong way!

  5. Hope you don't mind a new follower - Sheila x

  6. Sheila, it's almost impossible! i've kind of given up. i'll only take a picture 5 times now instead of 20 before giving up.


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