October 4, 2011


chatter, chatter. blah, blah, blah. i started noticing lately how much noise i am surrounded by. it has started to eat away at me, chewing on my nerves. there are 6 people living in my tiny house and there is constant noise. the noise of busy children is not what is bothering me. it's the constant noise of adults.

as a mother, i feel like i am constantly asking "why doesn't anyone listen to me?". i am beginning to realize the answer is "because you talk to much". perhaps if i only asked things to be done once, they would get done. maybe if i say less, it will make what i do say that much more important.

these days, we waste so much, we take so many things for granted. the two things that we waste the most-words and time aren't given the consideration they deserve. they go hand in hand. how much time would we save if we spent less time talking about ourselves, the lives of others, the things we could do, the things we want to do, things that need to be done? that time could be spent doing the things we talk about.

most of the things we say are meaningless. wouldn't the world be a better place if politicians spent less time telling us how they will fix things and actually started fixing them? wouldn't it be better if we stopped talking about helping those in need and instead spent that time taking a blanket to a homeless person? the time i spend on the phone with my mom complaining about how my children hate me? that time could be spent hugging my children.

"silence is golden." "actions speak louder than words." "one picture is worth a thousand words." these are common phrases, but again, they are just words that we say but never listen to. how many words have you wasted today? how many words did i waste just by writing this?

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  1. A thought provoking post this is. I am learning to "be still" and I think a part of that is being quiet. I agree how much better would our communities, our families, ourselves be if we spent less time talking and more time doing. It touched my heart when you said rather than complaining about your children you could have spent that time hugging them. Sometimes I think we forget in our moments of frustration but something so simple as a hug could actually change the atmosphere in our homes. You've encouraged me to use my words wisely. I can't say how long this will last but I am going to strive to put it into practice:) Things that aren't necessarily natural to us tend to take a little more effort and while I'd like to think that I am a doer and that I not only talk the talk... I'm sure I could hold back on a few dozen or so words each day (how many did I just waste?!) For now I'll start small and focus on making it to bedtime :)Here's to silence and letting our actions speak for themselves!;)


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